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No adult pick-up soccer on youth fields

By asoglin
Thursday, February 7th, 2008 at 1:21 pm in Sports.

Soccer by oliveira22, StockXchng Foster City: The city fathers and mothers are running amok. Something’s wrong when adults can’t play pick-up games because the turf has to be protected for youth sports.The story says that the city requires “any group of 10 people or more to buy a permit and liability insurance in order to use the city’s soccer fields.” Yeah, like adults are going to stop at 7-Eleven and get that liability insurance rider along with a Slurpee before heading over to the fields.

At least it appears that the city is working on a solution.

In the meantime, we have idiotic comments like this one in a message board:

An even bigger question. Shouldn’t the “adults” who who have families grow up and spend time at their KIDS’ soccer games and stop acting like kids themselves?

As adults we shouldn’t play soccer anymore? When we have our kids play sports, we’re instilling in them a passion for physical activity that we hope will follow them into adulthood so they have long, healthy lives.

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  2. JC Says:

    The adults that want to play on the fields should have every right to play on the fields because they pay taxes. From property taxes to sales taxes. Also if they sign their children up for Soccer they pay fees.

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