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YOUNG AMPUTEE an inspiring story

By Ann Tatko-Peterson
Friday, February 8th, 2008 at 1:05 pm in Other.

nickRather than spend his life in a wheelchair, 9-year-old Nick Nelson choose to have his right leg amputated in November. On Friday, he showed off his new prosthetic leg on the Today show. Inspiring? Heck yeah.

Nick was born with a rare birth defect: popliteal pterygium syndrome, which hindered his ability to extend his legs. His left leg showed improved mobility, his right didn’t. So, in an incredibly mature and profoundly brave move, Nick asked to have his right leg removed and fitted with a prosthetic. He wanted to be free to run around and live his life, even if that meant major changes. So far his only complaint: “It makes a weird, clicky sound when I walk,” he said on the Today show. “Now I can’t sneak into my sister’s room.”

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