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POLITICS, Books & Giveaways

By Jackie Burrell
Monday, February 11th, 2008 at 1:39 pm in Contest.

Donna Gephart novel Happy Monday, folks! We’re up to our eyeballs in campaign slogans and debates, so it seems only appropriate to give this week’s giveaway a presidential twist. So, we’re offering up two books, the Smithsonian’s “White House Q&A,” a very cool, picture-filled guide to White House trivia (Did you know Woodrow Wilson let sheep graze on the White House lawn? And Warren G Harding was a poker nut?), together with Donna Gephart’s “As If Being 12 3/4 Isn’t Bad Enough, My Mother is Running for President,” a humorous novel about a candidate’s much aggrieved tween daughter. It’s aimed at kids ages 9-12, and it’s so hot-off-the-press, it doesn’t even land in bookstores till tomorrow.

You guys remember how this works, right? (We know Danielle knows – she won last week’s “Juno Baby” DVD contest!) Click “comments,” answer the question and we’ll draw a winner Friday night. So, sticking with the political theme here, you know those “Huckabee for President” and “Obama Baby” T-shirts? (No, no, not the “I’ve got a crush on Obama” spanky pants. The tees for tots.) Would you ever dress your tot in a political T-shirt? Why or why not?

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  1. Noreen Says:

    no, my because there are nuts out there and a political t-shirt is just giving them an opening to talk to you and/or your kid

  2. Cathy Says:

    Nope, not my style.

  3. Michele Says:

    No. I don’t advertise my own views so why would I make my kid do it for me?

  4. Susan Chester Says:

    I might if the shirt was cute enough and it was a political view I liked.

  5. Cindi Hoppes Says:

    Hello! Thanks for a fun contest. I love the two books you are generously giving away! I would if I thought the t-shirt was in good taste and wouldn’t offend most people! People smoke, show too much affection in public, curse, abuse children and this t-shirt would be the least of my worries! Thanks,Cindi

  6. Mama Zen Says:

    No, I’d rather my daughter not have to take any flak for my political views.

  7. Renee Turner Says:

    I would absolutely put my child in a t-shirt stating my political views. This election is more important than ever! If it helps to get the candidate that you strongly beleive in into office, than I say go for it.

  8. Desmond Says:

    Heavens, no. I’m not impressed with adults who wear them; they’re either looking for reinforcement of their views or to pick a fight. Either way, children ought to be left out of it.

  9. Jessica Says:

    I suppose it would depend on how the shirt look. But I’d probably stick to just a nice solid colored and let it be a subtle way. Thanks for offering such a neat giveaway.

  10. Karin A. Says:

    No….I think I would be subjected to some rude comments if I dressed a toddler like that. And there are some nasty people out there who would even be mean to the poor kid. (who had no choice in the way he/she was dressed)….

    Thanks for the giveaway.

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