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“SPIDERWICK” a Scary/Fun Adventure

By Jackie Burrell
Wednesday, February 13th, 2008 at 8:59 am in Movies.

The first reviews for “The Spiderwick Chronicles,” the movie based on the fantasy book series by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi, are just drifting in. Times movie critic Mary Pols gives the fantasy flick a solid B and describes it as “a modern-day family film, using swords, magic potions and otherworldly CGI creatures to dispense with divorce demons and adolescent anger-management issues. Its message, communicated with enjoyable verve, is that 48 hours in a creepy old mansion filled with scary secrets just might be enough to put any family back on the right track.” It’s not Harry Potter, but it’s fun, she says, as long as parents bear in mind the PG rating for scary creature action, violence and peril.

“The computer-generated goblins and ogre – courtesy of East Bay-based creature master Phil Tippett – are fairly frightening creatures,” says Mary. “My own almost 4-year-old, who flees the room whenever Nemo’s mother meets her fate, would not be able to handle these scenes. I’d recommend the film only for the 8-and-older crowd.”

We’ll add more family-centric reviews as they come online…

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  1. aPARENTly Speaking Says:

    MOVIES: Spiderwick Chronicles not kind to fathers or goblins…

    If you’re a dad or a goblin, be prepared to take your lumps when you see The Spiderwick Chronicles. I am one of the above, but still enjoyed this movie.
    Strike one against dads: Richard (Andrew McCarthy) is the AWOL father of the three Grace chi…

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