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CELEBRI-BABIES Woo the Paparazzi

By Jackie Burrell
Friday, February 22nd, 2008 at 2:13 pm in Other.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, MCT Direct So, J Lo and Marc Antony had their twins early this morning, and now, there’s a big payday ahead. Apparently, People Magazine has offered up to $6 million to snap the first portraits of Max and Emme, or Moonbounce and Starstruck, or whatever their names are. That’s a highwater mark for what has become a bizarre celebrity pregnancy ritual.

We get why magazines do it. According to Advertising Age, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s pic went for $4 million and People saw that issue’s sales soar 45 percent.

Suri Cruise pumped Vanity Fair’s sales by 60 percent. (Of course, not every celebribaby fares as well. Sales went down 8 percent for the People mag with Marcia Cross’ twins on the cover.)

But we don’t get the appeal from the parents’ point of view. Some weird status symbol? Protection from tabloid paparazzi? Maybe People’s photographers threaten to kneecap any interlopers. And where does the weirdness stop? Will People feature Suri’s first zit? Or her first awkward, seventh grade kiss? Oh never mind. All the paparazzi are nodding “yes.”

And you know the next step in this silly ritual can’t be far off. We’re taking bets. How long before the first “Jennifer Lopez got her sleek, sexy body back into glorious shape in just (insert demoralizing number) weeks!” stories hit newstands?

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  1. baby boy Says:

    I wish all the best for the new family. And I hope the 6 million picture will tern out great.

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