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SCHOOL HEADLINES: Tainted Lunch, Budgets & Bombs

By Jackie Burrell
Friday, February 22nd, 2008 at 9:28 am in Schools.

College library
School headlines you may have missed… You remember the big beef recall last week? Turns out 20 million pounds of the tainted meat was served in school cafeterias, but they’re not quite sure where. Ahem. We guess the good news is that if your kid was going to get deathly ill, you’d already know. We are never eating cafeteria food again. Ever.

Good news: Stanford University will start offering middle class students free tuition. Bad news: you still need a 4.6 GPA and a Nobel Prize to get in.

In local news, Richmond city leaders are so fed up with the West Contra Costa school district’s financial woes, they’re thinking of taking a page out of the Mt. Diablo secession handbook, so to speak. They’ve hired a consultant to look at the logistics involved in converting Richmond’s elementary schools into charter schools or placing them under city council control.

An Acalanes High freshman was arrested yesterday after bringing a homemade bomb to school. Police say he wasn’t threatening the school or classmates. He forgot he had it and when he realized, he turned it in. (Um, how do you forget a bomb in your pocket?)

Benicians dissatisfied with their school board’s choice of a new trustee to fill a jailbird vacancy – the previous trustee is headed for prison on tax evasion charges – have filed a petition for a do-over: a special election that would unseat the newest board member, Dana Dean.

The looming budget crunch continues to impact school districts. This week, Mt. Diablo voted to cut 40 jobs and increase class sizes, and Acalanes is looking at paring down 46 positions, including 20 teaching jobs

And in lighter news, a Brentwood high school teacher collects roadkill for his biology lessons.

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