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BIG Q6: What Would You Do?

By Jackie Burrell
Sunday, March 2nd, 2008 at 9:21 am in Advice.

?! by Dhiegaum/StockXchng It’s your turn to play advice columnist! Here’s this week’s parent question:

“I know everyone says it’s important to read to your children, but mine (ages 3 and 6) just don’t seem terribly interested. They get wiggly and distracted. Any suggestions?”

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  1. Rona Renner Says:

    The key here is to understand that all children are different, and a child’s behavioral style (temperament) will influence how easy it is for them to sit still and pay attention.
    A few things to try:
    1. Go to the library and let them pick out lots of books to take home.
    2. Have them turn the page, and also instead of reading word for word talk about what you see on the page.
    3. Help them make a book of there own. They can draw pictures and you can put words on the page and then bind it together.
    4. When possible, read with only one child as special time. Sometimes a sibling can encourage the other child to get silly an∂ wiggly.

    Have fun with your spirited kids!

    Nurse Rona (a spirited 60 year old)

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