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ORPLE in the Lunchbox

By Jackie Burrell
Wednesday, March 12th, 2008 at 12:26 pm in Cuisine.

An OrpleWhile sleepily packing lunches this morning, we remembered all those great lunchbox ideas you guys supplied a few weeks ago – the cream cheese, turkey and cranberry sauce sandwich; the rolled PBJ sliced sushi-style into rounds; the simple turkey slice wrapped around string cheese; and the fruit leathers and freeze dried “Just Peas” and “Just Bananas” with no added anything. Fantastic ideas!

Now we’ve got a couple more to add, including this cool “Orple” idea from Family Fun magazine – or was it an “Applange”?

Cut an apple and orange of similar size into thick slices, then reassemble them, alternating slices to make combination fruit. (Yep, that’s an Orple in the photo.) Wrap in plastic so it doesn’t get drippy, and drop ’em in lunchbags. The citrus juice keeps the apple from browning, and even our teens got a kick out of them.

Family Fun also suggests making tortilla pizzas – essentially a quesadilla with pizza sauce and mozarella. (Anyone else having an issue with gummy tortillas when they send quesadillas to school? We must be doing something wrong.) But our kids are so hooked on chicken caesar salad wraps, they complain when we try something new, like a wrap filled with roast beef, shredded lettuce, a dab of pesto and a smear of cream cheese. The 15-year-old says, “That was nice, but could you use chicken instead of the beef? And leave off the pesto and cream cheese … And maybe add some caesar dressing to the lettuce?” Okayyy, one chicken caesar wrap, coming right up…

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