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THE GAY UNCLE’s Guide to Parenting

By Jackie Burrell
Tuesday, March 18th, 2008 at 3:23 pm in Advice.

We are dying over “The Gay Uncle’s Guide to Parenting.” This purple paperback landed last week and it’s 12 kinds of fantastic. Written by Brett Berk, a longtime teacher, preschool director and devoted uncle, the book includes down-to-earth, eminently practical parenting advice, and it’s absolutely hilarious. We were sold when Berk told a couple who’d spent months battling their 3-year-old over a tortuous morning routine that included eating breakfast under the table and half a dozen tantrums, “Let’s do a little role play. Pretend you’re the grown-up.”

Fantastic writing, snarky commentary (and you know how much we love snark) and tips on every topic from food fetishes and toilet training to what not to buy, no matter how much the baby product industry tells you it’s a “must have.” A Diaper Genie? Close the lid on your garbage can, people. A 6-drawer, multilevel changing table? Use a counter. Digital bath thermometer? Stick your wrist in the bath water. And instead of buying a baby wipes warmer, says Berk, how about a lobotomy?

Two thumbs up.

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2 Responses to “THE GAY UNCLE’s Guide to Parenting”

  1. Baby Bath Thermometer Says:

    I still haven’t read this one! Will be getting my hands on a copy soon, relevant for me because I need some snarky parenting tips now!

  2. Kari C. Elliott Says:

    Any parenting article gives an important piece of advice to all parents out there. Sometimes whenever we are alone, and try to search of something important that is related to parenting; I do acknowledge that it helped me realize some other things that I never thought that it was. Friends are too busy, and internet is always there; willing to comfort us.

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