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SCHOOL NEWS: The Week in Weird

By Jackie Burrell
Wednesday, March 19th, 2008 at 1:24 pm in Just Bizarre, Schools.

Worn sneakers (photo by Sanja Gjenero, StockXchng) News of budget cuts and teacher layoffs continues to flow – and we’ll get to that later this week – but first let’s turn our attention to the weirdest headlines of the week, starting with a Florida sixth grader who peed in a lunchbox because, according to classmates, their teacher told him to. The boy’s mother called the school to complain that the first-year teacher would not let her child use the restroom, and that he was forced to go behind a classroom bookcase and relieve himself in a lunchbox. School administrators have put the teacher on paid leave while they investigate, and the school board’s attorney says the entire affair is “beyond our comprehension.”

In other news, an Alaska 15-year-old just won the Odor Eaters’ Rotten Sneakers Contest and a $2,500 cash prize. His secret? Walking through fish guts.

Remember all those horrifying cases of parents who forgot their kids in cars? Well, try this one on for size: suburban momTreffly Coyne is on trial for child endangerment after she left her sleeping toddler in a car for a moment, so she and her other children could deposit $8.29 in a Salvation Army kettle on the sidewalk a few yards away on a particularly sleety, wintry December day.

Click “comments” and share your thoughts — was Coyne endangering her child? what do you think of teachers who don’t let kids use the potty? and ewww, fish guts????

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