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HARVARD Says Sayonara to Transfers

By Jackie Burrell
Friday, March 21st, 2008 at 3:58 pm in College Apps & Angst.

Harvard Sure hope your kid wasn’t planning on transferring to Harvard anytime soon. The Crimson gods just announced they will not accept any transfer applications for 2008-09 or 2009-10. Pity they didn’t announce it before starry-eyed Ivy-dreamers filled out their applications, got their references together and mailed everything in. Join the venting on the College Confidential discussion boards, or click here to follow in Rory Gilmore‘s footsteps and apply to Yale.

In happier college news, those same CConfidential forums offer up all manner of tasty tidbits. Our current fave is the “Freshman Year is Almost Over – What I Wish I’d Known Before” list. Here’s a sampling of advice…

1. “Don’t take a ridiculously hard course load your first semester,” writes Mochamaven. “You will be adjusting to an entirely new situation, and having a more moderate workload will really make your transition to college life easier. In high school you may have wowed people with your 7 APs in a year, but in college people don’t think a freshman juggling a whole bunch of advanced courses is cool — they think you’re nuts. Because you are.”

2. Set room rules before becoming friends with your roommate. It’s easier, says Jackson17, to set living rules “when you’re still getting used to each other as opposed to when you might be good friends and feelings could get hurt.”

3. Go to any campus event that offers free food. They’re usually fun anyway, and it breaks up the dining hall monotony.

4. If you’re a Californian headed for the East Coast: don’t worry so much about the cold weather. Worry about the humidity. Pack hot weather clothes for fall.

5. Response from a Southerner: You Californians crack us up. Humidity. Pffft.

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  1. Seth Hunerwadel Says:


  2. Holly Says:

    Today Harvard’s Committee on Transfer Admissions announced:

    “Harvard College will be unable to enroll any transfer students for the next two academic years, 2008-2009 and 2009-2010. Following the most thorough examination of its residential housing in Harvard’s history, the Dean of Harvard College, Professor David Pilbeam, has concluded that the Harvard Houses cannot successfully accommodate any new transfer students. Instead, the College has embarked on a planning process for substantial capital investment to renovate and revitalize its residential spaces.”

    Sure this would have been OK were it to begin next semester, but its not. This means that the students hard work and long hours spent on their applications, essays, grades (which was due February 15, 2008) are all in vain. Why not offer off campus housing? This is Horrible. This is NOT RIGHT. Let these students applications be considered for admission. Harvard, a school with such a grand reputation should know that what they are doing is wrong beyond words.

    For all those transfer students who have applied I truly feel for you. Do not sit back, Take action, contact Harvard voice your opinion!!!!! Let’s reverse this unjust decision.

    HARVARD COLLEGE (Transfer Admissions) Contact Details:
    Phone: 617-495-1551

    Dean of Harvard College: Dean David Pilbeam, 617-495-1560;

    Associate Dean of Harvard College: Bob Doyle, 617-384-5980;

    Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid: William R. Fitzsimmons, 617 495-1557

    Dean of Admissions for Harvard College: Marlyn McGrath Lewis, (617) 495-1551

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