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NOSES, TOESES & Other Body Parts

By Jackie Burrell
Wednesday, March 26th, 2008 at 10:51 am in Health & Safety, Kids & Tweens.

Little nose (photo by Paulo Gonçalves, StockXchng)
Body parts from toes to noses are the featured topic on KidsHealth‘s cool, just-updated web site, “How the Body Works.” Click on the body parts, then explore articles (everything from “Cerebral Cortex” to “What’s a booger?”), activities, puzzles, experiments, even an animated movie on your nervous system – which, you’ll soon discover, is “large and in charge.” Plus, did we mention our new favorite superheros, Glandman and Col. Lucy Leukocyte, commander of the body’s immune system?

Two thumbs up for educational value and kid-appeal, and if you’re going to let your youngster wile away his spring break online, this is wayyyy cheaper than Webkinz. (P.S. We had trouble loading the site with Firefox,  but it worked fine using Explorer.)

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