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SCHOOL HEADLINES: Baseball Rout, Petitions & More

By Jackie Burrell
Friday, April 18th, 2008 at 8:00 am in Schools.

Slide 1 An assortment of headlines from schools this week…
In Japan, a high school baseball game was halted after one team racked up 66 runs in two innings. Around here we have mercy rules that stop terribly lop-sided games, but there, it was the losing coach who called an end, citing fears that his pitcher, who had already thrown 250 pitches in an inning and a half, was going to injure his arm. (And boy, do we feel better about our childhood strike-outs now…)

Locally… In the latest chapter in the Mt. Diablo secession saga, the city of Walnut Creek passed a resolution this week, forcing the county to hear testimony on the proposal to shift school boundaries. But it doesn’t look like it does anything to change the basic problem that made the proposal illegal in the first place — the petition orphaned a neighborhood, leaving an island of Mt. Diabloness in the midst of Acalanesland — so good luck with that.

Good news: West Contra Costa families would support a renewed parcel tax for their schools, a consultant says. Bad news: they probably won’t support more than they’re already paying and school officials were hoping to stave off budget cuts by asking for more.

And in Antioch, kids at seven elementary and two middle schools will be wearing uniforms next year. For more local headlines, check out the Times education page.

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