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FISH CLACKERS: Book Giveaway

By Jackie Burrell
Monday, April 21st, 2008 at 9:49 am in Contest.

It’s TV turn-off week, so we’re giving away a pair of perfectly adorable books, perfect for tots. They’re “Fish” and “Bee” clackers and we’ve been driving our co-workers nuts with them! They’re wonderful little board books, but when you hold them by the tail (fish) or wing (bee) and wave them, they also go “clack-clack-clack.” Some toddler’s going to go nuts with these. Heck, we loved playing with them and we’re wayyyy past the terrible twos.

So, here’s how to win the pair. Click “comments” and tell us, what’s your kid’s favorite way to make noise/torture you? We’ll draw a winner’s name this weekend. (This contest is now closed. Click here for the current giveaway!)

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  1. Fish and Bee Clackers | Contests 4 Moms Says:

    […] Where: aPARENTly Speaking […]

  2. Matthew Gollub Says:

    Unplugging the TV—at Least for a Week

    National TV Turnoff Week is upon us, but for me, screen moderation is a year round cause.

    As a children’s author and performer who has spoken at over 800 schools, I believe that schools can improve exponentially, and for free, if more families spent time reading for fun. Here are 5 Tips to Engage Kids in Reading During National TV Turnoff Week and beyond:

    1) Make reading aloud your family entertainment–take turns reading from picture books, chapter books or young adult novels. Ham it up and have some fun!
    2) Clip newspaper articles of interest to older kids. Plant the articles where they’re sure to see them–on the floor by the refrigerator or in the almighty bathroom!
    3) Keep a reading log of everything your child reads or hears for the week. For example, “The Jazz Fly,” 32 pages.” Kids love seeing the pages add up.
    4) Listen to books on tape (or on CD) while driving your kids around in the car.
    5) Select closed captions on your TV so that after this week your child will have exposure to written words as they float across the screen.

    As we read more, we know more and live healthier, more complete lives. It’s never too early or too late to start.

    If you would like to see bilingual hints about getting kids excited about reading, please visit my website,

  3. megan Says:

    My 4 month old has discovered screaching. That’s her new favorite way to make noise. Hopefully, this will be a short phase.

  4. Matthew Gollub Says:

    Thanks for drawing attention to National TV Turnoff Week!

  5. Cindi Says:

    Hello! The Fischer-Price Popcorn Popper Push/Pull toy was irritating after awhile. “Bop-It” got a little annoying after awhile,also. Please enter me in your drawing for the delightful books. I appreciate it!

  6. Elizabeth M. Says:

    They love to squeal and I have really sensitive ears so it just pierces through my skull and clangs around inside my head like a bell tolling. It’s so much fun.

  7. mama meji Says:

    My two year old son loves to bang his toys on the floor! He also screams while jumping up and down the bed. :-)

  8. Marci Says:

    My youngest daughter keeps saying over and over I wanna go night night. That means she is bored and it’s time for story time.

  9. Naomi Says:

    Whining. Whining. Whining.

  10. Michele Says:

    My daughter pretends to be the sea witch from the Little Mermaid – drives me crazy!

  11. wendy Says:

    the kids would love this

  12. 1stopmom Says:

    My daughter’s current “noise” of choice is saying Mama, over and over and over and over again while jumping in front of me with moon shoes on. This would be cute if she was younger but she is five, lol. This means she can do it for a very long time :)

  13. Rachelle Goldenberg Says:

    My son’s favorite way to make noise is to play “rockstar”. He stands on top of the ottoman in the livingroom, jumps up and down and plays “air guitar”. Who would imagine that a (just turned) 3yo could do a spot on impression of Eddie VanHalen in “air guitar”. It gets even better now that we’ve gotten him his own guitar.

    His second favorite way to make noise is to play “drummer”. He will find anything that comes in 2s, such as chop sticks, plastic spoons, his swim noodle halves (that we cut in half to play jousting with)…etc and bang the smaller things on pots and pans from the kitchen, or the swim noodle halves on the ottoman in the livingroom for an EXTRA LOUD drum. He says “look at me….I rock” and dances around.

  14. Elaine Says:

    My sister bought my 11-month-old daughter a singing telephone. And naturally, my daughter knows exactly what button to push to get the same song to play over and over and over. We’re pretty close to removing the batteries.

  15. Ann Says:

    My 10 month old shouts mama at the moment and I couldn’t be happier. From the 3 kids, she’s the one that said mama first so I don’t mind it a bit.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Ilissa H. Says:

    Probably playing with all those ‘fun’ toys and books that make noise. These books look like a lot of fun though. A different kind of noise that doesn’t involve talking and songs.

  17. Noreen Says:

    their stuffed animail cry. When I am on the phone people ask me if they are ok, when my friends are over they keep asking me is anyone hurt? who is crying? I just answer their stuffed aniamls are crying they are fine (now Mommy is going crazy but they are fine)

  18. Susan Chester Says:

    My almost two year old grandaughter just discovered the word “mine” and she uses it constantly. She thinks everything is hers even people. Whenever anybody touches anything-the telephone, the door, their toothbrush, MINE she yells. The books sound cute!

  19. artsweet Says:

    Getting into the pots and pans cabinet. Need I say more?

  20. Kathleen W. Says:

    My little one is just a month old, so it’s just full-blown crying to be held or fed…and it’s really often. He won’t even allow us to put him down for a nap. Thanks!

  21. Cassie Says:

    My DS is 8 months and he enjoys banging anything and everything while bouncing. He also likes to scream in dispair as he attempts to get up on his hands and knees, it’s killin’ him that he can’t crawl yet! He’s a little darlin’ that may also be screaming b/c he’s getting his second pair of lower teeth in (where are the tops??!). He likes when Mommy reads to him and steals the books from her to nibble on them or bang them around….we definately still need board books!

  22. Kim Says:

    My 13 month old loves to spin bowls… the sound of it is maddening!

  23. Janelle @ Brimful Curiosities Says:

    Saying me, me, me, me, me, ME! over and over again. Both kids do it and it drives me batty.

  24. MJ Says:

    The dreaded “NO”!!!


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