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BIG APPLE Book Giveaway

By Jackie Burrell
Monday, April 28th, 2008 at 11:17 am in Books, Contest, Family Travel.

Summer vacation’s not far off … and with it, the challenge of keeping youngsters occupied and entertained on planes, trains and in the backseat. Or (shudder) in an airline terminal when your flight’s just been cancelled. So this week, we’re giving away a travel fun pack – Laura Krauss Melmed‘s charming “New York, New York! The Big Apple From A to Z,” whose colorful pictures provide little glimpses of all the things to see at the Metropolitan Art Museum or aboard the Intrepid aircraft carrier (nuclear missile submarine tour, anyone?) … plus an American Girl craft book that includes kid-friendly activities perfect for either a kids’ craft sale or a little backseat entertainment. Big fun!

Here’s how to win ’em. Simply click “comments” (we’ll draw a winner Sunday night — and congrats, by the way, to 1StopMom who won last week’s books!) and share your most memorable family travel tale. Spectacular settings, epic disasters, the great road trip diaper shortage, it’s all good.

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  1. Sandy Wong Says:

    Hi, Please entere me in the drawing for the Big Apple Book Giveaway. Thanks!

  2. bunny Says:

    Sounds like a great prize :) Thanks for the chance!

  3. Michele Says:

    I can’t wait to take my daughter on her first trip to New York. At age three she has been to 5 countries and 10 states. And no real travel disasters yet!

  4. Cindi Says:

    Happy Monday! We are not going to New York, but learning about another city is good for a child. The American Girl’s craft book is something we could dig into this summer. Please enter me in your book drawings. Thanks,Cindi

  5. brandy w Says:

    my favorite travel place would be taking my kids home to california. i hadn’t been there in 7 years. we saw s.f. zoo, after that it was so congested we just visited with family. having a toddler and a baby on a plane was a nightmare, and trying to find a place to changea diaper. we have been to buffalo several times, but never to new york city

  6. mama meji Says:

    My favorite travel was when we traveled to my mother’s place with all of my other four siblings. So fun. It’s always good to meet cousins and aunts and uncles.

  7. Megret Says:

    Last year we drove four and a half hours one-way to a family wedding….our children were 2 and 6 months. I was still nursing the youngest….so we had to stop at about every other rest stop and let me nurse in the car, shrouded with blankets. That mixed with trying to feed her rice cereal in a moving car (most of it ended up in the car seat) AND thinking driving back the same day would be easier and less stressful than staying overnight in a hotel (it wasn’t). What a trip! :0)

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. Tami Says:

    My favorite vacation was a road trip we took last year. We drove from SC to Iowa (where my in-laws live). We stopped in St. Louis at the Arch and the stadium. We also went to Mammoth Cave. It was a great trip. My kids were great on the trip even though we spent many hours traveling (at the time our children were 8, 6, 2, and 3 months.) But we will have those memories forever and we may try another road trip this summer.

  9. Scarlett Says:

    My favorite vacation was a few years ago when I went to San Francisco’s Japantown with one of my friends. I’d never been to San Francisco before and the whole area was beautiful (and NOT scalding like it was in LA!). I especially had fun seeing Harry and the Potters (who, um, sing about Harry Potter and yes I am a huge huge child/dork). The part I remember especially, however, was how I ended up with mono from the plane ride and spent the next month having a hard time keeping anything down. :(

  10. Emily N. Says:

    One of our most recent family vacations included sitting in an airplane on the runway for 4 hours while the high winds rocked it back and forth and prevented us from taking flight. Eventually, they let us off the airplane only to have us sit at a crowded airport gate for another hour and a half before we could finally fly to our next destination. Those are family bonding moments.

  11. Naomi Says:

    The first trip my now-husband took with my extended family was to Breckinridge to go skiing. We’d been dating about a month. It was blizzardy all the way there. We got a flat tire a few miles away from the condo where everyone was and Bob had to take everything out of the car to get to the spare and change it. He wouldn’t let me get out and help, figuring only one of us needed to be on the edge of a mountain highway at dusk in a snowstorm. A bunch of my uncles came down to try and help but he was replacing the lug nuts when the got there. They were impressed…

  12. Suzanne Bastien (Crunchy green mom) Says:

    Family vacation?

    We go to Texas on occasion, with 4-6 kids in tow. :)
    That is a “trip” of a life time. I’ve had my oldest child honk at semi’s as we are driving. I’ve driven to a much needed restroom, only to leave and drive away because it was too nasty!

    But, after the crumbs were cleaned out of the car, the clothes were all washed and put away. Phone calls were done and I got to sleep in my own bed, it was worth every minute!

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