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COLLEGE Woos Applicants Via Billboard

By Jackie Burrell
Thursday, May 1st, 2008 at 6:05 am in College Apps & Angst.

Wilkes University ad on MySpaceAs everyone should know by now, high schoolers everywhere are freaking out over ever-intensifying college apps competition. How competitive? UC Berkeley just rejected more than 10,000 students with 4.0s.

Now comes word from the other side. Pennsylvania’s Wilkes University wants students so badly it’s wooing them on billboards, pizza boxes, gas stations, MySpace and even on MTV and Comedy Central. The $120,000 ad campaign featured seven prospective students in all, with ad copy designed to convey the idea that this school REALLY knows its students. Here are a few examples, including a MySpace ad devoted to Homecoming Queen Katie Murtaugh (above) and more after the jump. Now you tell us. Charming or creepy?

One read, “Scranton High senior Nicole Pollock: Our goal at Wilkes University is to be as much a mentor as your mother has been. (Now, if we could only make her ravioli.)”

Another said, “Hey Kristen Pecka. Only your closest friends at Central Catholic call you Pecka-lecka-lecka. Choose Wilkes University and add 2,362 more people to that list.”

Um, not sure we’d like our nickname bandied about on billboards, but maybe that’s just us… Your thoughts?

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