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ECO-LUNCH BAGS a Middle Schooler’s Bright Idea

By Jackie Burrell
Thursday, June 12th, 2008 at 2:55 pm in Cuisine, Kids & Tweens.

Eco-friendly lunch bags (Susan Pollard, Contra Costa Times)
We love it when kids get bright ideas, and Adrienne Boukis’ eco-brainstorm was just brilliant. A few days ago we wrote about the Walnut Creek seventh grader’s hot pink, eco-friendly lunch bags (they come in taupe, black, navy and neon green too), but here’s the backstory — and then the very cool fast forward.

Between chip bags and sandwich wrappers, the average youngster generates 67 pounds of lunch bag debris a year – and that really bothered young Adrienne. She didn’t want to tote a lunchbox but balked at disposables, so she asked her mother if she’d run across any alternatives — something like the classic brown bag, but reusable, washable and, well, cool. So her mother, Rosalind, whipped up a little bag out of recyclable material, popped in Adrienne’s lunch and sent her off to school.

Over the next few months, the mother and daughter tweaked the design, adding handles, a velcro-type closure and a little pocket, just right for a granola bar or a note from home. And classmates took notice. Now, they’re all toting the bags and they’ve been selling the little $3 bags at school too — in just 24 hours, they raised $1,000 for the Save the Children Foundation’s relief efforts in Myanmar.

The story gets even better.

The story ran Wednesday. Wednesday afternoon, the phone started ringing in Rosalind’s office. Among the calls: families who wanted Adrienne’s bags for their kids, a book publisher, three major local supermarkets and announcers at a Burmese radio station in Washington DC who wanted details about these lovely California kids who cared enough to help strangers halfway round the globe.

Do you need a hot pink lunch bag too? They’re available through the Walnut Creek Intermediate School office, 2425 Walnut Blvd., through June 13, or contact Rosalind Boukis at 925-939-1111.

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