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CELL PHONE Novelists

By Jackie Burrell
Wednesday, June 18th, 2008 at 7:47 am in Books, Technology & Video Games.

Ketai novel (Library Journal photograph) Fascinating new trend coming out of Japan where teens are writing novels … on their cell phones. The texted books, known as Ketai novels, are uploaded to a mobile site where readers pay for each new installment. Now traditional book publishers have taken notice and they’re starting to publish them. One brand new bestselling author says her cell phone story about a teen romance and desperate illness sold 400,000 copies in its hardcover rendition, and hit number two on the bestseller lists last year. And during the first half of 2007, five out of the top 10 Japanese bestsellers were ketai novels.

Soooo, next time you see your kid texting at the dinner table, you might not want to interrupt. He might be working on a novel.

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