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GRANDMA’s Shopping Trip Ends in Tot Shooting

By Jackie Burrell
Wednesday, June 18th, 2008 at 11:53 am in Other.

shopping-cart Shopping with grandma? Apparently, not as safe as one might hope. A 4-year-old South Carolina girl shot herself in a Sam’s Club after a rummaging spree in grandma’s purse produced a handgun. The grandmother, you see, is a magistrate who has a license to carry a concealed weapon, but apparently insufficient brainpower to keep it out of the hands of a preschooler. And, Associated Press helpfully tells us, the Sam’s Club store doesn’t have a sign out front prohibiting shoppers from packing heat.

After the child shot herself in the chest, fellow shoppers immediately ran to her aid, grabbing supplies off store shelves to stanch the bleeding until paramedics arrived. The girl has since been upgraded from critical to stable condition and is expected to recover. Our favorite quote from the story has a chief magistrate explaining why grandma had a gun in her purse: “Sometimes some of the judges have to make deposits at the banks. The other reason is for self preservation to protect yourself because there are some crazies out there.”

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  1. Rachelle Goldenberg Says:

    It is incredibly dangerous, even without a gun in the purse to let a child rummage through “grandma’s” purse, or any purse for that matter. Consider the types of things that we as mommies and grandmas keep in our purses….and imagine even further the things that non-mommies keep in theirs.

    It doesn’t take a gun to harm a child, it could be even more deadly if a child swallowed a handfull of grandma’s heart medicine, or aunt Sally’s anti-seizure medications.

    Yet another reminder to keep your purse away from children’s prying hands….and if you are a mommy or grandma…consider what you pack in that purse, and if it isn’t 100% necessary….don’t pack it. Finally…make sure any medications have locking caps and are hidden VERY well.

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