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GRANNY, Mimi or Nana?

By Jackie Burrell
Thursday, June 19th, 2008 at 11:38 am in Grandparenting.

We’ve been reading Adair Lara’s new “Granny Diaries: An Opinionated How-To-Guide,” a wildly irreverent, often hilarious look at how to grandparent, from choosing a suitable name to dispensing advice without getting a Dr. Sears book flung in your face. Lara says she spent the entire nine months of her daughter’s pregnancy “trying to avoid Grandma, a word that lay in wait for me like a pair of dentures in a glass.” So here’s the question for you – what are the grandparents in your family called and why? Punch a button on the poll or — better yet — click “comments” and dish.

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  1. Noreen Says:

    My mom is called Nana and gets mad if strangers call her a grandma. Yes it is an age thing she does not want to old enough to be grandma (I am in my 30s so she is old enough to be a grandma)

  2. Rona Renner Says:

    When my grandson David started to talk my daughter asked me what I wanted him to call me. I had no idea. Grandma and Grandpa was what I called my mother’s parents, so I didn’t see it as such a big deal. David’s other grandma is Mimi, and so my daughter thought I should have a special name. I was anxious about the decision, and even got a bit annoyed with my daughter. One day on a walk with David I looked at him and asked, “What’s my name?” and he said clearly “Nana Rona.” I smiled with relief, knowing that he knew who I was.

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