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SHOCKING PREGNANCY pact at high school

By Ann Tatko-Peterson
Friday, June 20th, 2008 at 6:10 am in Teens.

UPDATE: The news just keeps getting weirder. Now the mayor of Gloucester, MA, is denying that the pregnancy pact announced by a Massachusetts high school principal ever existed, and one of the teens involved agrees. She told “Good Morning America” that the girls only teamed up after they discovered they were pregnant.

Seventeen. Count them: 17 teenagers at a Massachusettes high school got pregnant on purpose. The girls, ages 16 and under, entered a pact to get pregnant. Some were disappointed when the school nurse informed them their pregnancy tests were negative. Their reason for doing this, according to the school superintendent Christopher Farmer: “They will have a baby as part of their life to give them status. Motherhood gives them status.” No, what it gives them first and foremost is a child.

The questions that beg to be asked here is where were their parents? Where has our education system gone so wrong that children think having children is a smart choice? They don’t have their high school diplomas and most are without jobs. How do they plan to adequately care for a child?

On Wednesday, NBC starts airing “Baby Borrowers,” an experiment where teenagers contemplating parenthood get a firsthand look at life raising a child. It’s beginning to look like what passes for reality TV may in fact turn out to be a much-needed public service announcement.

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  1. Ari Soglin Says:

    If the coverage is accurate, we know what the girls were thinking. What were the boys (or were they men) thinking? Maybe, as is the tendency with some young men, they just were not thinking. Did they not use condoms because they didn’t care about getting the girl pregnant or about catching STDs themselves? Did the girls tell them, “Don’t worry; I’m on the pill?” I’m not feeling sympathy for the boys or men. They had a choice. And at least one is reported to be a 24-year-old man. But I do wonder whether the girls lied to them.

  2. high school pregnancy pact Says:

    […] pact", all under the age of 16.WJBO-AM (National News) – – Verweise|||SHOCKING PREGNANCY pact at high schoolvor 2 Stunden gefunden Ann Tatko-Peterson pregnant Seventeen. Count them: 17 teenagers at a […]

  3. Rachel Says:

    I think the Baby borrowers show is a great idea – depending on the actual educational value of the show it might not hurt to start showing it in sex ed or parenting classes that high schools have. It’s just scary when a teenage girl needs to use motherhood as a personal identifier

  4. Rona Renner Says:

    “Where were their parents” is a key question in this. I wonder if the girls and parents are spending their evenings watching reality TV or reading about the sex lives of others on the Internet. If teens don’t feel connected to their family, if they don’t have a sense of purpose, and if they feel unloved, then they are more vulnerable to the influence of peers and at risk for gang like behavior. We live in a culture where too many parents are not spending enough time with their kids or teens. Our fast food, fast paced nation has many negative consequences. Forming a “pregnancy gang” is one way to feel like you belong.

  5. Rachelle G. Says:

    Actually, today they are reporting that there likely was no “pact” before the pregnancies, but rather an agreement to stick together after the girls had become pregnant…a support group of sorts.

    Check out:

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