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GET SMART, Kid Fare?

By Jackie Burrell
Thursday, June 26th, 2008 at 11:45 am in Movies.

"Get Smart" (Photo courtesy of Warner Bros./MCT)
We’ve been waiting eagerly for the “Get Smart” remake — loved the old TV show, adore Steve Carell, so what’s not to like? But is this PG-13 version suitable for the small set? Not particularly, says Plugged-In Online’s family-centric critic, and the movie doesn’t seem sure whether to go goofball or aim for crude, shoot ’em up fare: “One minute we’re in the telephone booth elevator on our way to CONTROL headquarters and having kid-friendly fun with a bumbling wannabe agent and his goofy gadgets. The next, we’re bombarded with bloody fights, painful-looking crotch-thumpings and explosive death scenes.” Common Sense Media says it’s OK for the 12 and up crowd. Have you seen it? What did you think?

Still, “Get Smart” sounds like a better option for kids than Mike Myers’ PG-13 “Love Guru.”

Common Sense Media notes that kids who loved Austin Powers will be eager to see Myers’ latest, but this is a whole different animal: “The language and sexual innuendos are constant, unsubtle, and over the top (expect everything from an elephant pooping on screen to references to masturbation and oral sex); there are drinking and drug references… That’s a whole lot of iffy content to sit through for only a few laughs.” Have you seen it? Click “comments” and tell us what you thought.

What’s making waves for kids is still “Kung Fu Panda,” which has made $155 million since it opened a couple weeks ago, and American Girl’s “Kit Kittredge,” which sneak-peeked in just five theaters with such a sensational splash, its distributors are changing gears. They’d planned to open July 2 in 1,800 theaters. Now they’re looking at up to 2,500 theaters. Kit may be the new Hannah Montana. (At least you know Kit, a Depression-era 9-year-old, would never pose provocatively for Vanity Fair.)

Andddd, we’re sitting tight, waiting for Disney and Pixar’s “Wall-E,” which opens this weekend.

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