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WALL-E Charms All Ages

By Jackie Burrell
Friday, June 27th, 2008 at 10:04 am in Movies.

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Don’t know about you guys but Pixar’s new “WALL-E” is at the top of our must-see movie list this weekend. Critics are falling all over themselves singing its praises – the Orlando Sentinel’s Roger Moore calls the movie “genius,” the best Pixar movie since “Finding Nemo.” Plugged-In Online’s family reviewer says no, it’s the best one ever, with scenes that “evoke a sense of awestruck wonder, innocence and a childlike sense of possibility.” And Common Sense Media, our other favorite family-centric review site, says, “Who would’ve expected an animated feature with stretches of near-silence, a deeply intellectual and ecological bent, and a robot with relatively few bells and whistles to be profoundly moving and thought-provoking, yet still entertaining?”

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  1. Jackie Burrell Says:

    OK, so we went to see Wall-E on Saturday night and now, we’re in love. Wonderful, wonderful movie. And we were struck by the audience: kids and teens, yes, but also loads of grown-ups out on their own. It’s a movie for all ages — and so wonderful, no one left until after the credits (which were also charming — Van Gogh-style Wall-E!).

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