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BIG Q: Body Image

By Jackie Burrell
Sunday, June 29th, 2008 at 9:05 am in Advice.

?! by Dhiegaum/StockXchngThis question came in over the transom this morning, inspired, we think, by today’s Childhood Matters radio show on body image and preteens. And we’re interested to hear your take. So read the question, then click “comments” and share your thoughts.

“How — and when — do I even begin to broach the topic of body image with my kids? Between that JC Penney ad last week and the pop culture all around us, my kids are bombarded by images of impossibly thin models, actresses and athletes. How do I help them feel OK about their bodies when they look nothing like the images out there?”

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  1. Rona Renner Says:

    A key message from today’s show is start young!
    Don’t talk about your own wt. issues with your kids, and don’t tell them they’re “fat” even in a kidding way. Put limits on TV watching, and look for movies that have healthy looking role models. Focus on their strengths and make sure they have time for play or activities they enjoy like sports or swimming. In whatever ways you can remind your kids that they are smart, funny, kind, and don’t put the main focus on what they are wearing or look like. Make a list of people they admire in their lives and people they’ve learned about at school.
    We have a difficult task as parents to counter the messages from the media.

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