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COOL Family Travel Sites

By Jackie Burrell
Sunday, June 29th, 2008 at 6:08 am in Family Travel.

London busLooking for cool, family-centric travel web sites? We recently ran across TravelSavvyMom, which has recommendations for great family-friendly hotels, from Egypt to Belize. At the moment, Jamie Pearson, the TSM herself, and her family are climbing lion statues in Trafalgar Square, riding original red double-decker buses and, er, glossing over the grisly parts of Tower of London history. We’re looking forward to reading her write-up soon.

And we’re also enamored with the brand new TravelMuse, whose mouthwatering photographs and descriptions have us eyeing our credit cards and pondering whether we can sneak off for a week or two. Or three. There are tips on cruising with kids, outdoor adventures, ecotourism, single parent vacations and more. It’s still in beta phase (and we’re having trouble distinguishing between hotel ads and reviews), but we were particularly smitten by the “Find Inspiration” feature that matches up your family’s desires and pocketbook with vacation destinations. It’s telling us to go to Bali. How did it know??

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  1. Kevin Fliess Says:

    Jackie – Glad you love TravelMuse! Thanks for your great post.

    We’re working hard to produce some of the best family travel content on the web and also to make planning easier with tools like the Inspiration Finder and the Trip Planner (, which allows you to plan trips with your spouse, in-laws, friends, whomever — collaboratively.

    We’d love to hear from readers of this blog!

    What other travel topics would like to see our editorial team tackle?
    * For story tips, email us at editorial(at)travelmuse(dot)com

    How can we make the site even better?
    * For product suggestions, email us at support(at)travelmuse(dot)com

    Thanks and happy travels!

    Kevin (CEO and co-founder of TravelMuse)

  2. jamie Says:

    Hi Jackie – Thanks so much for the kind words.

    We’ve moved on to southern Spain now, and I’m finding that even the Travel Savvy Mom has MUCH to learn. Such as: pack 500 band-aids per child, and never assume that shoes that don’t cause blisters at home won’t cause blisters abroad.

    Oh, and always pack a spare camera.

    More road lessons soon…


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