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BABY BORROWERS: Immaturity rears ugly head

By Ann Tatko-Peterson
Wednesday, July 9th, 2008 at 10:05 pm in Baby Borrowers.

NUP_110016_0028Wow, what happened to Sasha? Last week, she was calm, cool and collected. Or maybe she just got lucky in the baby draw. In episode three of “Baby Borrowers” everything tipped upside down. She and Jordan landed 2-year-old Luke, who promptly cried himself crazy for 20 solid minutes. As Sasha quipped, “We only have him for three days.”

But those three days completely undid her. The frustration really popped when Luke’s mom declared, “Overall, you did not do well.” Sasha lost it. She yelled. She tossed out curse words. Her temper ignited so hot, Jordan had to literally drag her from the living room where the stunned mom sat. Was Luke’s mom harsh? Maybe a little — but what’s become clear with this show is just how incapable these teens (especially the “teen moms”) are at handling any sort of criticism. Which is just further proof that they have no business having babies.

When last we saw them, Sasha was angrily tossing her clothes in the suitcase on the bed. She was quitting. Too bad in real life, parenthood isn’t something you can walk away from. That’s a lesson Kelsey and Alicea seemed to finally understand. Two of last week’s worst “mommies” showed marked improvement with the toddlers. Kelsey endured Ben’s stinky accidents and patiently worked with him on the potty training. Meanwhile, Alicea bonded well with Isaiah and revealed a more compassionate side as she called her own mom crying. It doesn’t quite make up for last week’s behavior with the baby, but at least she’s showing a glimmer of promise.

Kelly and Austin got props again from the parents of twins Miles and Finn, though I personally felt this pair came up short. For the first time, the professional nanny had to step in. Seems Kelly and Austin were at each other’s throats again. These two define dysfunctional couple. Kelly wanted to try her hand at going to work. Austin wanted the little woman to stay home and mind the kids. She essentially beat him into submission (again!) but not before turning a predictable teen stunt. As Austin showered, she went next door to gripe to one of the other teen moms — leaving the kids unattended. The nanny gave Austin a tongue lashing when he got out of the shower, and when he turned it around on Kelly, she told him to get over it. You “get over” milk spoiling when it’s left out of the refrigerator, you don’t “get over” potential harm done to kids.

But the head shakers in the group, once again, were Morgan and Daton. These two can barely take care of themselves, forget caring for kids. Morgan staged a truly cringe-worthy moment when she dragged Colton by the arm upon discovering he had pooped. And she didn’t bother wiping him when she changed him. I was practically screaming at the real mom for not marching over and calling out Morgan for that one. Later, Morgan and Daton were laughing when Colton peed on the couch. Colton’s mom quipped, “This is where they run for the condom aisle.” The sad thing is that I think this experience is really lost on Morgan and Daton. They threw the poor kid a lame birthday party with no gifts, no decorations, just a cake — as the watching real parents noted, it was like watching paint dry. It was pretty sad really, because Morgan and Daton seemed clueless to just how bad they were handling their stints at parenting.

All in all, these teens seemed to do better with babies than toddlers. Can’t wait to see what the pre-teens bring.

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