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CELEBRITY MOMS: Angelina Jolie MIA from top 10

By Ann Tatko-Peterson
Tuesday, July 15th, 2008 at 1:33 pm in Other.

julia-103006-bA 10 favorite celebrity moms list with no Angelina Jolie? Seems the editorial team can’t relate to a “supermom” parenting six kids, including three adopted and newborn twins. The Palo Alto-based “Bettys” picked 10 celeb moms “to whom we can most relate, who seem to be raising their kids the way we raise ours (or would like to), and who not only embody our shared parenting values, but who acknowledge the peaks and valleys of motherhood.”

So, why no Angelina Jolie? “The Bettys were split about Angelina,” said April Daniels Hussar, managing editor. “Though we’re thrilled about the birth of her twins, we just don’t find her relatable as a mother or someone whose parenting style we aspire to emulate. She certainly sparked the most controversy on the vote – is she dedicated or exploitative?”

As for the 10, here they are. For the reason behind each, keep reading: 1. Julia Roberts; 2. Jenny McCarthy; 3. Maria Shriver; 4. Tori Spelling; 5. Toni Braxton; 6. Demi Moore; 7. Cindy Crawford; 8. Gwen Stefani; 9. Jennifer Garner; and 10. Kelly Ripa.

gwenstefaniHere’s the breakdown on each, as provided by

Our #1. Julia Roberts – This mom of three made an appearance at the top of everyone’s list. She’s clearly and beautifully devoted to her family: she keeps them out of the limelight, is extremely protective against paparazzi, and in fact makes her home base in New Mexico – not Hollywood. She’s the kind of mom we’d all love to have a play-date with, the kind of mom we’d feel comfortable leaving our own kids with.

2. Jenny McCarthy – She’s such a fierce advocate for her son and all kids with Autism. We really admire how she seems to have grown as a person and evolved from her younger, wilder MTV image – but still keeps her own identify and sense of self. It takes courage and guts to stand up against the mainstream, and she’s doing that for her child. Jenny’s the ultimate mama bear.

3. Maria Shriver – Despite the dual pressures and multiplied limelight of Hollywood and politics (not to mention her famous family), Maria has calmly raised down-to-earth kids. She always appears devoted and loving. She could have easily taken a really different direction with her kids – she has a lot of access to insider circles all over the board—but seems to have taken the right one instead. Jacki O would be proud!

4. Tori Spelling – The girl we all once knew as “Donna” may (or may not) be the heir to the Spelling fortune, but this daddy’s girl has really come into her own – on her own – as a grownup wife and mother. Any time we see her interact with her children she’s loving and attentive. Tori truly seems dedicated to learning how to be the best mom – and she clearly loves and embraces her most important role.

5. Toni Braxton – Another strong advocate for her autistic son, Toni is a real hands-on mom with all of her children. She always kept her kids top priority, even when it meant putting her career second.

6. Demi Moore – In addition to her admirable co-parenting with Bruce Willis, which is especially amazing in Hollywoodland, we respect that she made the certainly tough decision to take herself out of the game at the height of her popularity and move to Idaho to focus on her kids. She’s back on the scene now with a happy second marriage and what seems like a truly supportive and loving extended home for her kids.

7. Cindy Crawford – We love the fact that she prefers being home with her kids than to be at her husband’s bar opening. She may be a supermodel – but she strikes us as one super grounded, super devoted, super mom.

8. Gwen Stefani – A master juggler! Gwen is multi-talented and extremely popular, yet there is always the sense that her son is her top priority. We admire how she is able to keep up a successful, demanding career (not just in music but in fashion) and still be a magnificent mama.

9. Jennifer Garner – Though we do see lots of photos of Violet, Jennifer appears to be such devoted, loving mother – it doesn’t seem like she’s pimping her baby out (unlike some other families), just going about her business, with paparazzi following her. Jennifer’s another mom anyone would be happy to have at a play date – down-to-earth and sweet and we bet she’s not afraid to make mud pies.

10. Kelly Ripa – Kelly admirably maintains that fine balance between career and family. Motherhood is clearly one of the very things that defines her, and her rock-solid marriage (and rock-hard body!) is nothing short of enviable.

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  1. lucas Says:

    Bravo JULIA !!!
    you’re the Best !!!!

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    awww the brangelina twins are the

    cutest things this side of an oompa

    loompa..and they have some descent

    names for hollywood babies..check out

    this hilarious stand up comedy clip

    about newly pregnanat far

    the funneist stuff ive seen in months

  3. greenboy Says:

    Julia Roberts is wonderful on everyting … she is a great actress,awesome beauty and a succesful Mom Love her

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