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BABY BORROWERS: Teen quits, another rises to occasion

By Ann Tatko-Peterson
Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008 at 10:05 pm in Baby Borrowers.

The Baby BorrowersSo long Daton, and frankly, good riddance. Neither he nor Morgan showed the maturity needed to be a couple, let alone parents, in the “Baby Borrowers,” but his behavior was way out of line. He was downright cruel to Morgan, saying she would look better without makeup, calling her a “bitch” and dropping the hate word with too much ease. Poor teen Eddie looked extremely uncomfortable watching his “teen parents” break-up within an hour of showing up on their doorstep.

But major props to Morgan. Instead of bailing on the experiment, she decided to stick it out as a “single” mom. She planned to live up to her commitment. And for the first time, she not only showed real maturity, she actually showed glimpses of being a true mom. When Eddie took part in the contrived t-p of the court, she was all over him in a disappointed but not over-the-top angry manner. Even better, she finally called her mom to apologize for her juvenile behavior during their surprise visit back during the baby episode. If this episode was any indication, she’s a much better person without Daton. It was great to see her finally turn the corner, especially because not every couple fared so well.

Finally, Austin stood up for himself. After weeks of watching Kelly trample him, we finally saw him strike back. When Morgan confided in her about the breakup, Kelly decided it was time to have it out with Austin. What came out of her mouth was a sure sign that this girl has big issues: I’m bored with you. You’re too serious. You need to be more like a kid. You’re too much of an adult. Wow, does she not get it. Parenthood isn’t a joke. That’s when you trade in the kid-self for adulthood. She not only takes advantage of Austin’s good nature, she seems to abuse him all the more for it. When she hysterically screamed at him to get out of the bed, even I wanted to smack her. It’s amazing that Austin could show such restraint. And when she came crawling out of the house — FIVE hours later — snuggling up to him and apologizing, I was rooting for him to shove her away. He thanked her for apologizing but admitted to being confused about what makes him happy — and he’s not so sure they should stay together. Well, it’s about time! The audience has been yelling at the TV for weeks in hopes that he would see the light.

As for their teen kid, David got a bum deal. His own parents just recently got divorced, and he got plopped down in the middle of yet another domestic spat. For the first time in this show, I really saw the negative side of this experiment. He (and Eddie, for that matter) is still just a kid. Had his real mom been monitoring (as the other parents have up until now), maybe she would have recognized the need to pull him out of that nightmare. No way should Austin have left that boy alone with Kelly. I certainly wouldn’t have.

Meanwhile, Kelsey and Sean and Jordan and Sasha drew the lucky straw (yet again) by getting the two teen girls. Alicea and Cory — not so lucky. They got the demon teen, who was determined to cause as much trouble as possible. Tossing Alicea’s clothes on the floor was pure desperately-seeking-attention. Sam came off looking like a spoiled brat. Still, Alicea showed a definite lack of tact in talking with Eva’s mom. “It seems like you don’t know your kid,” she snapped. Sure, Eva was sitting a little too high on her horse, but Alicea needs to learn to be a little more civil. She just got lucky when Sam turned his disrespectful tone on his real mom. And in all honesty, Eva had that one coming for being a little too righteous. Too bad we couldn’t see how she really reacted toward him when the cameras stopped rolling.

So, now we’re on to the “senior” parents. It’s kind of sad to think this experiment is almost over. But at least we can be done with Kelly’s drama.

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