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Who’s a moron? Michael Savage feels pinch over autism remarks

By Ann Tatko-Peterson
Monday, July 28th, 2008 at 3:39 pm in Health & Safety.

savageMichael Savage is a moron. Earlier this month, the conservative talk show host suggested on his syndicated radio show that autism is over-diagnosed and the result of incompetent or absent parents. That was bad enough, but then he dug the knife in deeper by neglecting to apologize, instead claiming his words were taken out of context. KNEW and Talk Radio Network essentially endorsed that excuse in deciding not to suspend or fire him.

Now, all sides are getting what they deserve. Major sponsors AFLAC and Home Depot have pulled their ads. On Sunday, parents, politicians and other protesters picketed outside the KNEW radio station office in San Francisco. I’m all for free speech, but even I can see just how far over the line Savage stepped. Take this for example: “I’ll tell you want autism is,” he said on the July 16 show. “In 99 percent of the cases, it’s a brat who hasn’t been told to cut the act out. That’s what autism is.” Or how about this one: “They don’t have a father around to tell them, ‘Don’t act like a moron. You’ll get nowhere in life. Stop acting like a putz. Straighten up. Act like a man. Don’t sit there crying and screaming, you idiot.’ ” Still not convinced? Then listen for yourself and decide if outrage is more than a knee-jerk reflex.

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90 Responses to “Who’s a moron? Michael Savage feels pinch over autism remarks”

  1. Dave Says:

    I agree with Michael Savage. I work at a public school and see so much bad behavior and staff who resort to bribes to try and persuade students to obey rules etc. it’s downright sickening. Family units are either broken or parents both work and kids are being raised in daycares. Public schools are nothing more than daycares. Autism and neither is ADHD always the source.

  2. CAM Says:

    I listened to his program – he is not a MORON as you suggest. Rather, he says what others are now afraid to say. Our children ARE over medicated. That can’t be denied. How can austism rates be 1 in 160 and when I was a child, (2-3 decades ago), the rates were far less then they are now. Why don’t we find the CURE or better yet what find out what actually causes Autism and focus on how to better treat MILD cases rather than dumping more drugs into these kids doing god knows what future damage to them?

    If you actually listened to his program, you would have HEARD this!!!

  3. DAVID Says:


  4. james mccarthy Says:

    Dear Ann Tako-Peterson,

    NOt sure who you are, but Savage hit a nerve when he told the truth about the mostly “phantom” diagnosis/disease of autism. As someone in the medical field, I see far too many kids get a bogus/incorrect diagnosis…especially in this arena. Be glad someone is asking the hard questions about big pharma’s close ties/involvement with sponsored “research and so called studies/trials” ….it’s a stacked deck…these is huge bias towards making drugs the answer. Seems you are quite closed minded when it comes to seeking out the truth.

  5. Patricia McCracken Says:

    First of all, he has a right to speak his mind. Freedom of speech. His style can be quite shocking. If you prefer to hear politically correct BS then just don’t listen to him. Stick to ABC, NBC, and CBS. He was shining the light on misdiagnosed children, not the real autistic. If you don’t want to hear Savage, then turn OFF your radio. There are plenty of FM stations you can listen to.

  6. dhenderson Says:

    Thank GOD for Savage!

  7. Helder Pereira Says:

    Michael Savage should be fired. As a father of two autistic children, it’s hard enough on the family to deal with this disease. But, to have this moron tell me that it’s not a disease. Does he have a autistic child, or a friend with a autistic child. This guy is a jerk, and needs to be fired!!!!!

  8. Vineyards Says:

    First of all, A) He’s right, Autism is over-diagnosed. Secondly, B) Savage has been a patriot and defender of children throughout his career. The pharmaceutical industry is the problem here, not Savage.

  9. Bob Berry Says:

    He is intitled to his opion right or wrong.

  10. NJDaddy Says:

    I was a Savage listener right up until he made his demented comments about children with autism. Good, “Doctor Savage”, you really scored a lot of points with the public by taking aim at pre-schoolers with autism. Idiots are they? The idiot is behind a microphone in San Francisco.

  11. Christine Says:

    First, this is America. We have a right to freedom of speech.

    Second, Savage is 100% right. Over diagnosing is a major promblem and the fact that children lack partenal guidance and a strong sense of values.

    Thank you Mr. Savage for your brave and truthful broadcasts. Keep it up. America needs to here you.

  12. Susan Says:

    Free speech or truthful speech? Savage is not 100 percent right. How can you really believe that 99 percent of children diagnosed with autism are just “brats acting out”? Even you can’t be so stupid as to believe that.

  13. Patrick Says:

    Michael Savage hosts a talk show. Why should he be fired for talking? Do we want to start censoring talk shows? I thought that the way it worked was if you didn’t like a show then you didn’t tune in to it.

    Obviously he’s on a bit of a rant here, but that’s his style and if you can listen carefully, without letting your ego get in the way, I believe he does make good points.

  14. Ellen Says:

    Any good points he made were lost in his blatant ignorance and his desire to crank up the ratings. There is no other way to explain his insensitivity in branding 99 out of every 100 autistic children as brats. If he wanted to really take a stand on the subject, he should have stuck to the facts. Perhaps it was his ego getting in the way.

  15. Robert Says:

    America is more and more Soviet every day. No healthcare, no choices. In Northern Europe, people have the choice of free health care or private health care, both best in the world, and private healtcare costs 20% of what it costs here because the market is competitive, not bloated by insurance like it is here. Social advancement is a reality in every Western country but the USA – in global comparisons, we are last in making “the American dream” a reality. The Czech Republic is doing better on the American dream than we are!

    Why we defend ignorant, deliberately false statements based on “freedom of speech” is because the freedom to hurt each other with words or guns is the only freedom we have any more.

  16. Junette Says:

    Savage is right on. My sister has a grandchild who has autism with his other grandmother and she feeds him pills to settle him down but when he is with my sister he takes no meds and is as good as a child can be because he afraid she will put him in his room until he can act his age.

  17. Rachelle Goldenberg Says:

    While I agree everyone has a right to their opinion, I also have the right to an opinion that the statement is complete garbage. I disagree with Savage and his statement that Autism is caused by absent fathers or “bratty kids”. Having worked with autistic children….most who have 2 parents in the home, and strong parenting parents, I know that autism exists, and in addition, that Asthma is also REAL!

    He’s the moron.

  18. Lamby Says:

    Doctors often get kickbacks for drugs they prescribe. Specialists get money for every patient they get. Greed is involved here, and it trumps the well-being of your children.

    If you don’t like Michael Savage, don’t listen to him!
    But remember, the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t care about you, only profits. You may not like the messenger, but more and more people agree with him on this one.

  19. Tim Says:

    My wife wanted to put our son in an institution. When I told her “no, we need to get him help” she said, “fine, you do it” and she left. Our son cried for days.
    I was a single father for 5 years struggling to arrange therapists for my son.

    Michael Weiner basically said to beat and berate your children until they behave normally. Not only is this stupid, it is dangerous hate speech. He has literally put many children in danger with his enormous ego.

    Furthermore he ignorantly insulted many parents, many who have more education than him and have 3 “baseline” children and one with autism.

    Finally he insulted everyone’s intelligence with his “I was taken out of context” clintonesqe back pedaling.

    I hope the republican party someday divorces itself from the hate mongering TRN. I believe in small government, but I don’t know what the rest of the republican party means by “conservative” any more.

  20. Raul Lopez Says:

    Freedom of speech or freedom to promote hate?
    check this out.

    Tennessee authorities refused Monday to discuss a handwritten letter found in the vehicle of the man accused of killing two people at a Knoxville church.
    However, a police report alleges the suspect told police he targeted the church to kill liberals who are ruining the country, Knoxville media reported Monday.

    Jim D. Adkisson is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Greg McKendry, 60. He faces further charges in the death of Linda Kraeger, 61, and the wounding of seven others at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church Sunday, The Knoxville News Sentinel said.

    John Gill of the Knox County district attorney’s office told reporters it would be inappropriate at this time to discuss any evidence that may or may not have been found.

    Citing a report by Knoxville Police officer Steve Still, obtained by WBIR-TV, the News Sentinel said a search of Adkisson’s home turned up right-wing political literature and weapons, including brass knuckles and a handgun, as well as empty shotgun shell boxes.

    Investigators said they found copies of Liberalism is a Mental Health Disorder by radio talk show host Michael Savage, Let Freedom Ring by radio and TV host Sean Hannity, and The O’Reilly Factor, by radio and TV host Bill O’Reilly.

    The document said Adkisson told investigators he targeted the church because of its liberal teachings and his belief that all liberals should be killed because they were ruining the country.

    More than 200 people were in the church’s sanctuary watching children perform a musical when the gunman opened fire.

    Story Source: United Press International

  21. Anatoly Vishkinskaya Says:

    Savage is correct. Pharmaceutical companies are ruining our children. Give them a pill to prevent *cervical cancer* (aka sexually transmitted disease). Give them a pill to make them all act the same (calm, cool, without spirit or creativity). Give them a pill to fight the depression they feel over taking the pill that makes them all act the same and stifles their creativity.
    And anyone who understands how the money-trail works understands how this, and many other “disorders” are over-diagnosed. Did you know that a foster child with disability is “worth more” to the foster parent than a child without disability? If you don’t think foster parents try and get these kids diagnosed for their own financial gain, you’re a fool.
    Do you know how much MORE money a school gets for a kid whose been diagnosed with a disorder? A lot more.
    Follow the money.
    Savage is right as rain on this issue.
    Open your eyes and your ears: He didn’t say all cases. He qualified it.
    You soundbite ranters are the ones who need to take a pill; a chill pill.

  22. Art Norack Says:

    Michael Savage’s rhetoric is the closest to Joseph Goebbles I have heard in the past 70 years. If Savage does not agree with a judge’s decision, he wants that judge arrested and put in prison, which was exactly what Goebbles and Hitler did. Thank goodness a guy like Savage or anyone else of his ilk have that kind of power.

  23. MrsJ Says:

    CAM says “How can autism rates be 1 in 160 and when I was a child, (2-3 decades ago), the rates were far less then they are now?”
    Tell me CAM, how many VACCINATIONS did you get 30 years ago? You should Google “Thimerosol, Autism and Vaccines”. Eli Lilly knew that Thimerosal was dangerous in the 1930’s, but continued to put it in their vaccines. Thimerosal is 49.6% ethyl mercury. Are you aware the symptoms of mercury poisoning are virtually identical to those of autism? Does it seem that kids are getting more vaccinations than they did 20 years ago? They ARE! In 1983, kids received 10 vaccinations between birth and age six. And now they get 36 of them before the age of 6. That’s a 260% increase. TOXINS BUILD UP. Think about that.

  24. MrsJ Says:

    For CHRISTINE – We have a First Amendment right to say anything we want. We do NOT have a First Amendment right to have a radio show. I’m amazed at how many nutwingers do not know that. We DO have a First Amendment right to point out that Mr. Weiner is a moron and a sociopath, and more of us should exercise that right. As Mr. Mencken pointed out, you can’t lose money in America by exposing your stupidity in public. As Mr. Bush has shown, being a moron does not even prevent you from being president.

    Apparently many of you don’t understand the concept of free speech. Free speech means the government can’t tell you what opinions you can or can’t express. In this case, no one is asking the government to intervene. Free speech means that you have the right to say what you want, but it also means that I have the right to respond.

    The National Autism Group is using their constitutionally protected right to protest in order to pressure the radio station to can him. Raise your hand if you have a problem with the Constitution.

  25. MrsJ Says:

    The Autism groups are also using the free market system to threaten boycotts against companies that support the radio station in order to affect their bottom lines and pressure them to remove their support in order to affect the station’s bottom line. In any case, the radio station’s response is completely a function of the free market system – if they believe they’ll lose more listeners and revenue by letting him stay, they’ll can him; if they believe they’ll lose more listeners and revenue by letting him go, he’ll stay.

    Again, raise your hand if you have a problem with the free market system. Considering that conservatives are masters of the boycott, I will assume I’m not seeing any hands.

  26. Lisa from Fremont Says:

    I resent what negative comments came from this ignorant man. I am a parent of an autistic child. My husband and I have been married for almost twenty years and are devoted loving parents to our 11 yr old son. I am a stay at home mom and have worked in my son’s classroom for the past 6 years. None of the children I have worked with were ever on any type of medication for their Autism. People who do not spend time with these children don’t deserve to make judgements about their behavior. These children are bright, adorable, loving children who simply want to be loved and taken care of just like any other child. It’s disgusting that a human being can say such cruel things about another person’s child. Those of you who made remarks about children being diagnosed incorrectly ask yourself if it were your child would you choose this label for your child, I think not. Live one day in our shoes then you can comment,until then keep your stupid comments to yourself.

  27. Richard Broadbent Says:

    As a former Special Ed educator and program head, I believe Savage has a point. Blunt, but a point.

    There is a wide spectrum of autistic characteristics from mild to severe. It is highly possible and very probable that in many cases, autism is misdiagnosed for a variety of reasons. I believe that was his primary point.

    I am sympathetic to those care givers who must face the challenge of autism. I am also sympathetic to Savage’s perspective. No lines were crossed.

  28. Richard Broadbent Says:

    And to add, the commentator Ann Tatko Peterson lost my ear when she calls Savage a “moron” in her first sentence. That is not journalism or good writing- it is hyperbole and ad hominem attack.

    You loose this one lady.

  29. Frank Says:

    Why would anyone in their right mind “listen carefully” to Michael Savage, let alone “thank God” for him?

  30. Mark Says:

    Don’t worry people when we become a communist country Autism & other disorders won’t matter at all in consentration camps. And you WILL NOT have freedom of speech

  31. cosmomoon Says:

    Savage is right, drugs,drugs and more drugs…Freedom of speech is being taken from us…Do not let that happen…….

  32. Brandon Hall Says:

    I have listened to Mr. Savage quite frequently and have followed along with many of his views. This one however, I can not. As the father of 3 children on the autistic spectrum, I am appalled at the statements and am frustrated by them. While he is indeed entitled to his point of view (a right we all have and should use)I feel that he has used his position to mislead people. You would not say such things if you did not feel that way about them. My wife and I both work outside the house and for a year and a half she was in the home working exclusively with our children. So it is not a case of an “absent father” or “bratty children”. I resent that remark and believe that he should apologize for the remarks. Many parents out there are on their last thread because they are doing everything that they know how to do (or can afford) and are not making any progress and for him to come along and send them down the drains with some stupid comment that has no basis what-so-ever is aweful. I’m not sure that I will contine to listen to his show. Autism is real and affects more than you know…ask someone close to you, chances are you are affected to.

  33. Dennis Clark Says:

    This is what i tried to send to Mr Savage. “I realize that you have a job to do and being controversial is an
    imperative in your job. I just think you should know what it feels like to
    have two boys who you had such high hopes for when they were born
    changed to hopes of toilet training, someday. Hopes of hearing their voices ,
    someday. Hopes of reduced violence and frustration at not being able
    to understand and communicate with the world around you. Autism in NOT a
    political punchline. It is devastating. Did you know that in a world
    that already has half of marriages ending in divorce, families with
    special needs children break apart at more than 80%. How would you feel to
    know that your child can’t play sports, likely won’t make friends, and
    may be dependent on you for life? I only wish that you could understand
    how shameful and ignorant your comments were and how many good,
    descent people who already know more suffering that you could likely imagine
    have to deal with your loyal, blindly trusting listeners ridicule
    and scorn.

    Dennis and Cindy Clark and on behalf of Dennis Jr and Gabriel Clark”

  34. Larry Says:

    “He is entitled to his opinion” does NOT make up for the fact that he is wrong and a despicable human being!

  35. Dennis Clark Says:

    A follow up to reading previous notes. Free Speech is not being rained on here any more than on Don Imus and his “Nappy Headed Hoes” rant. You can say what you want. He’s not being arrested, he’s not having a gun put to his head till he retracts. He can say what he wants. The flip side is that others can say and do what they want as well. Saying he’s a Moron is every bit as much others’ right. The thing is, if you say something that is taken as hurtful or offensive, racial or insensitive, you have to deal with the possible consequences. You can get fired for talking about things that offend people, it’s life. Free Speech sill protects him though, just not from being fired.

    I just wish that Savage and so many of his listeners could comprehend what it’s like to have Autism change your life and your dreams for your childrens lives, and then have to listen to someone say that it’s bad parenting. My sons are 3 and about to be 5. They aren’t close to potty training, they aren’t close to talking, they aren’t close to being able to express thier feelings. The first diagnosis of Autism was that someone would see other people in the same manner as we see furniture. I truely believe you would see things different if you were being seen like a chair.

    Dennis Clark

  36. Krista Says:

    It is upsetting…to see people trying to defend Mr. Savage for is ignorance. I am a mother to 3 kids & one of them is Autistic. I find it ironic though…that he goes off ’bout autism & then says he was taken “out of context” Then he goes on about people over medicating their children. I hope that people aren’t putting THAT with autism. Because all I can say is WHAT MEDICATION???? There is no medication to treat autism. The only thing that they have found that has helped is your speech therapy, occupational therapy, developmental therapy…THERAPIES…that they do need! The only medication that I’ve heard of being used on Autistic Children is mostly medication for seizures. Yes…autism is very real & one of the reasons its 1 in 150…is because we are more aware of it & better diagnosing is made now. Yes, Autism is real…& its not a brat being told to cut the act out. So please…before trying to attempt to defend Mr. Savage, just do some research & talk to just one parent of an autistic child. Its so much more then that…it truly is

  37. abude Says:




  38. Chrissy Says:

    I think we all owe Michael Savage a debt of gratitude. He has cast a bright spotlight on the ‘racket’ we have all gotten away with as Autism Parents. We can come out of the closet and live without guilt and fear of discovery now that our dirty little secret is known.

    Yes, Michael Savage, you and the countless others that share your opinions are right. We in the Autism community have been secretly reveling in the multitude of benefits that come with having a child on the spectrum. Can you imagine the joy we experience as we cope with the emotional and financial devastion that comes with the diagnosis? Or, the sheer giddiness we all feel as our marriages and friendships crumble? Most of us giggle all the way to the bank to cash our non-existent aid checks provided by our state and federal governments. And, really, is there anything better than having a 5 year old still in diapers?

    One of my favorite quotes from Savage’s rant is: “They don’t have a father around to tell them, ‘Don’t act like a moron. You’ll get nowhere in life. Stop acting like a putz. Straighten up. Act like a man.’ ”

    It would seem that Savage shares at least one thing in common with the children he is attacking. It is clear that his father never told him to “stop acting like a putz”.

  39. MrsJ Says:

    EXCUSE ME, Richard Broadbent!

    Ann Tatko-Peterson lost your ear when she calls Savage a “moron” in her first sentence?? But Savage did not offend you? And then you go on to say regarding WEINER that NO LINES WERE CROSSED? I am thinking you did NOT hear the original broadcast, or I would feel obliged to join Ann Tatko-Peterson in repeating that question to you – who’s the moron?

  40. MrsJ Says:

    And for Frank, Mark and Cosmomoon – defenders of Freedom of Speech, who seem to think we have a right to say anything we want. NO, we DON’T. Don’t believe me? Go up to a secret service agent and threaten the life of the President. You’ll see how far your first amendment rights get you. I have also heard some of the Weiner-lovers say “If someone is wrong on a subject, they don’t need to be fired because of it.” It’s not just being wrong. At one time in this country, there was the idea of simply being decent. You behave towards other people in a considerate manner, and you expect others to do it for you. At one time there was the idea that if you behave indecently, you were to suffer consequences for it. Don Imus found this out when he behaved indecently towards a woman’s basketball team. Freedom of speech does not mean you can go and act as a MORON to anyone you care to with no repercussions. It means you can speak freely about the government and how it operates. It does not mean you can slander, lie, inflict emotional distress, or be obscene. You don’t have those rights, and Mr. Weiner doesn’t either. As people in our society continue to act like this individual does, our nation as a whole gets more coarse and we all lose just a little bit more of our character as good people. This behavior drags us all down.

  41. Paul Says:

    Mr Savage is a coward. He profits through his to free speech by picking on those who cannot speak for themselves. His message of intolerance is no different than the comments that got Imus fired. If KNEW does not hold Mr Savage accountable, then they are as guilty as he is.

  42. MrCurmudgeon Says:

    No wonder this country is falling apart at the seams. If I let every instance of someone else’s words insult, offend, or hurt me I’d be beat to a pulp already. You’re all SO ready and willing to victims.
    A. Ann Tatko is yet again another example of an idiot wannabe “writer” who doesn’t have the guts to print all the facts.
    B. Look at the facts about how diagnoses is being done, the rapid increase, and who the stakeholders are. People may not be evil or out to hurt others but the “system” that’s in place is now setup such that it MUST feed itself. Just look at other areas of medicine, hello, prescription statin drugs and prilosec for two year olds, are you kidding me?!
    C. Did all of you just forget about free speech?!
    Get a grip people.

  43. Joeymom Says:

    Wow, more hate and ignorance being spewed in comments. What comfort I find in the world my child will face when he is trying to be an independent and productive citizen in society…

    If you folks think autism is so over-diagnosed, show me these droves of mis-diagnosed kids. Go ahead. Because the only kids I know who were mis-diagnosed as autistic actually had other, similar problems, such as Tourette’s Syndrome.

    In reality, autism is under-diagnosed. Asperger’s Syndrome is commonly missed. Kids with autism are often diagnosed as mentally retarded instead, because of the communication disabilities that are common in autism.

    I don’t know about where you are, but here, children with autism receive appropriate services such as ABA and sensory integration therapies. They learn to cope instead of scream with frustration. They learn to communicate and interact socially. They are taught the skills most kids “pick up” through interaction.

    Perhaps some of you educators who are seeing children with issues ought to be making sure they are being screened for disabilities and getting appropriate services and functional behavior plans instead of dismissing them as unteachable morons. Not every kid has a parent who is willing or able to advocate for them, and not every parent know how to ask for screening.

  44. Says:

    Who’s a moron? Michael Savage feels pinch over autism remarks…

    Michael Savage is a moron. Earlier this month, the conservative talk show host suggested on his syndicated radio show that autism is over-diagnosed and the result of incompetent or absent parents. That was bad enough, but then he dug the knife in deepe…

  45. Rikki Nadir Says:

    Som many posts, so many morons….defenders of this knuckle-dragging idiots try to paint this as a free speech issue…The Savage Weiner is free to trumpet whatever verbal bilge or sewage he wants to, any time, anywhere. And, people also have the right to protest against his rants. And, advertisers have the right to decide which programs they wish to advertise on. Or not. That’s capitalism, you negative IQ dittoheads!

  46. wagonator Says:

    Perhaps the best thing to come out of this is for a honest discussion about autism. Obviously, there are many issues that should be looked into.

    But, I’d check my moral outrage at the door when it comes to Savages comments – why aren’t we more concerned about the S.F. District Attorney, letting an illegal alien off the hook and then he goes out and kills a family? Talk about moral hypocrisy!

  47. Matt Says:

    Wow it is a sad day when a website that claims to be for parents and to help them navigate the maze of parenthood would be in the pocket of George Soros. THIS website should be ashamed for spreading LIES. Who’s the Moron? I think any clear thinker can see this website is run by Red Diaper Doper Babies. WAKE UP!!!! MORONS!!!

  48. m Says:

    Interesting how you all geniuses KNOW autism is over-diagnosed. I’d bet not one of you is a pediatric neurologist.

    But that’s what we’ve come to in America- BLAH- Education- Medical School- Neurology- WHO NEEDS IT. No, we don’t need to listen to doctors, we need to listen to conservative talk radio hosts. Those are the people who know something I make $15.00 an hour and I work in a public school, so I KNOW.

    Sheez… First of all, if you work with kids and this is your opinion, you need to be dismissed for your hateful and ignorant attitude, and second, I’m sure all you great geniuses of Backwoods, Hicktown keep up with the scientific research being done on the increase in autism diagnoses. Therefore, you would be aware that the increase is linked to prenatal exposure to chemicals in the environment, and that the chances of having autism increases the closer your mother lived to a power plant when pregnant.

    Oh, wait… no? You mean- not only are you NOT pediatric neurologist, you don’t know how to read a scientific, peer-reviewed journal article? Ohhh… how sad.

  49. Ann Tatko-Peterson Says:

    We certainly appreciate a healthy debate on this subject and everyone is free to share their opinions. However, please try to be respectful in challenging the opinions of others. All comments with foul language will be removed.

    And to reiterate what one commenter wrote, autism and ADHD are not the same thing. According to the DSM-IV, autism is defined as a brain development disorder. It affects social interaction and communication, often leading to repetitive behavior. ADHD is a disruptive disorder that often leads to persistent patterns of inappropriate degrees of attention or hyperactivity-impulsivity.

  50. Ben's Dad Says:

    “I’ll tell you want autism is,” he said on the July 16 show. “In 99 percent of the cases, it’s a brat who hasn’t been told to cut the act out. That’s what autism is.”

    I’m still waiting for Savage to put that hurtful ignorant rant back into context. The fact that he hasn’t apologized yet is really quite amazing. I know that he has been at least partially educated by some of the people he has spoken to – what is his excuse now for not apologizing? Does he have a hearing problem that I should be empathetic about? What is the excuse of the network executives and advertisers that continue to back him?

    If there there is quackery in autism, it is in the fringe treatments that are paid for by parents who will aggressively seek them out, but I don’t fault the parents for trying. The traditional medical and pharmaceutical communities are useless in this fight. They have nothing to prescribe, and no medical or nutritional advice to give. They have no idea what causes autism, but they know with absolute certainty what doesn’t cause it. Go figure.

    I’ll tell you what autism is, but you’ll need to bring over a 6-pack of Guinness pub draught first.

    Mr. Savage can still play a useful role in this discussion, but he needs to admit his mistakes, apologize, and grow up.

  51. Ldk Says:

    Freedom of speech? That means for everyone, even those who disagree with Savage. Period. End of Debate.

    If he loses his job it’s because of the free market. Period. End of Debate.

    Drugs for autism? There are none. And over 50% of parent with ASD kids believe vaccines to be a cause – most wouldn’t give “pharma” a penney for their “meds”. Period. End of debate.

    Free money for parents with autism? There is none. Insurance doesn’t even cover the therapies in most states. Parents pay tens of thousands of dollars a YEAR out of pocket for therapy. Period. End of debate.

    Over diagnosed? No. My kids doctor said “boys are slower”…what????? my child is 3 and doesn’t talk, walks in circles, can’t drink from a straw, walks on his toes and flaps his hands. Parents are left to find answers themselves once they realize their pediatrician is clueless. Period. End of Debate.

    Anyone who thinks Savage knows anything about autism, knows nothing about autism or living with it. Parents of kids with ASD are some of the most dedicated, loving parents I know. The last thing we need is some uninformed shock-jock making our lives more difficult. Trust me, life is hard enough without being called a bad parent because your child is disabled.

  52. Melissa Coleman Says:

    My 12 year old daugher is Autistic. She is not on any meds. Her dad and I are still happily married. Does Michael Savage’s comments apply to my family then?

    All he is doing is making it harder and harder for parents on autistic children to get coverage for therapies.

    Because he cannot back anything up statistically, he resorts to name calling and then insults our intellegence by telling us we took his comments out of context.

    But, you know what, the radio station sure is happy that they are getting all of that press!

  53. wendy Says:


  54. DMS Says:

    Medication is not the normal treatment for children with Autism! That comment in itself shows just how little Savage knows about this neurological disorder. That’s right neurological, as in brain. If only Savage would have used his in this case.

    There is no money to be made by parents of children with Autism because most insurance companies don’t cover the therapy and treatments that these kids NEED. Furthermore, to suggest that parents are being duffed by doctors………Nothing can be further from the truth. No parent wants this diagonosis (and it sure isn’t the easy one that Savage makes it out to be) and when it’s given we do our research.

    Michael Savage has not only labeled babies as brats but has insulted the intellegence of every parent whose child has Autism. I urge anyone who takes this mans word as gospel to do a bit of research and educate yourself on the subject before agreeing with him. With the rates rising your child or loved one will more than likely be affected by this and life as you know it will not be the same.

  55. KVS Says:

    Wow. The fact that so many would defend this vicious, borderline psychotic man makes me fear for this country.
    Turn off the gasbag radio, people — and start thinking for yourselves!

  56. Allison Says:

    To the many commentors claiming Savage’s real intent is to point out the overdrugging of American kids. If that were true he could have left out the insults directed entirely at the children themselves. He screamed at the kids and their behaviors, not to mention parenting. Pharmaceutical companies are who gave my son his autism. And it most certainly is autism but the word doesn’t mean the same to many of us that mainstream med describes. It means extreme biomedical complications of toxicity causing multi system failures resulting in many of these behaviors. They can not be screamed out of a child. My husband and I were in our late 20’s when we had him, we have been married for 11 years, etc. I believe in free speech but this is hate speech and he is perpetuating sending spectulation about cold parenting back to the 60’s. He is putting our children in jeapordy in public to be ridiculed and possibly even in physical danger as some crazy people might take it upon themselves to “knock some sense into them”. Are you kidding? Do you think we are just going to stand around and let him put our children in that kind of a line of fire?? No!

    My son is severely affected and is absolutely regressive and was NOT born with autism. He didn’t sleep for a majority of a 7 year period, screams in digestive pain, at 8yrs he still can’t have a conversation with me, still cannot poop on the toilet, puts himself in extremely dangerous situations by trying to run away due to his inability to let us know what he wants and needs, etc. BUT he is so smart and his intelligence goes unrecognized by people with extreme ignorance because he is not able to communicate. What Michael Savage is doing is perpetuating ignorance and it will and IS hurting these kids.

    If Pharma is what he wants to go after, he would have had the autism community behind him because we were duped by pharma and the government in what they told us was a safe mandated vaccination program when it really was untested and toxic to many. One size does NOT fit all. In actuality he wimped out of going after the real villans and instead harmed the perception of the children themselves. Shame on him!! He can’t find someone his own size with the ability to communicate and defend themselves to pick on???

  57. Zurama Says:

    He is a MORON!! As a parent of a severely autistic child who often bangs his head on the floor and said his last word at age three, I couldn’t believe what Mr. Savage was saying.

    He is a liar! If he really wanted to go after big pharma, then he would have done so. Instead he bashed our kids.

    If he had made a derogatory comment like that, about the African-American community he would have been fired by now and rightly so, because they have power and we, the parents and our autistic children and the thousands rotting away in institutions don’t.

    It really pisses me off that idiots like him, can get away with saying anything they want. What he did has nothing to do with freedom of speech-it is simply irresponsible!

  58. Jeff Says:

    I used to be a a very regular listener of the sometmes quirky Savage but as I have a 3 year old daughter with autism I can no longer support him or any of his sponsers. It is obvious that anyone who has not had the experience of autism would think Savage is spot on. We thought our daughter was a brat at age 2 but found that her troubling behaviour was actually autism. …not wrongly diagnosed either. To say that the medical community is over diagnosiing autism is rediculous. So far 8 states have mandated insurance coverage for autism therapies. Why would they shoot themselves in the foot like that by diagnosing something they need to treat if it doesn’t exist? That would be as moronic as Savages comments. Also to suggest that the pharms are driving this for profit is rediculous as well. There is no pill for autism. Wish there was… I’d pay anything for it… Anyway. For those who are in the dark with this disease, seek out an “auti” and see for yourself. Take the time to learn about it before you judge. For those who have autistic kids both old and young, don’t waste too much of your precious time in worrying about Savage. He’ll learn either through stepping beyond being a moron or it will cost him livelyhood (maybe both).

  59. Justin's Grammy Says:

    I read the comments…I’ve formed my opinion. I agree with Ben’s dad…with the other parents who discuss Autism with compassion and thought. Justin is almost five, a bright, high functioning little boy, who has eplipsey, a heart condition…and who is borderline Autistic. I listened to Savage’s comments, and my first thought was not one of forgivness for his ignorance, but rage at his high-handed bull…he obviously does not know of what he speaks. He surely does not know of the pain that every family member goes through dealing with an autistic child. It doesn’t matter that a father is not in residence…we have a loving grandfather here…uncles who love and try to work with Justin…and the drug issue…as the above parents said…what drugs?? I haven’t heard about any…and I talk to therapists and doctors regularly. If he thinks that a child who is autistic is a *brat*…I invite him to North Carolina, to spend a few days with my grandson and I…to learn about children with autisim. Heck, I’ll take him to a special school, and introduce him around as the man who has the talent for talking out of his behind. They actually might find that entertaining.

  60. sara Says:

    What’s the difference between what Imus said and what Savage said. Nothing. At least Imus apologized. Savage needs to go.

  61. Dennis Says:

    Savage has been saying politically insensitive remarks for years, but this time he has crossed the line. Just like the many journalists preceding him to say inflammatory remarks for profit, he must go the way of the dinosaur, and be left to ponder what went wrong… Does he not understand that his words, though ignorant, are powerful to the less educated or less fortunate? Many journalists are smart enough to understand their purpose, or niche, in the entertainment world; but Savage is not one of them. I used to listen to him for entertainment value, even if I did not agree with him. But now, I’ve lost respect for him and his radio affiliates, and will not listen to any of the stations carrying his drivel, until they send him the way of tyrannosaurus rex!

  62. GrammaKnows Says:

    There are a variety of issues here, so let’s see:

    Freedom of Speech – ok, there’s a degree of professionalism lacking here. Let’s say it’s ok for all professionals to name call their customers. How would some of you like the restaurant manager say, “You know what the problem with fat people is? They’re morons who need someone to slap them when they eat and tell them they’re being a putz.” Name calling is name calling, being an idiot is when you open your mouth without thinking who it hurts, and people who live in glass houses should keep their stones in their pockets.

    Somehow it’s reflective of your own lack of knowledge/concern that you consider kids on the autism spectrum to be a “them” as separated from “us”. Get off your high horses. Speaking or not, kids on the autism spectrum have medical illness that cause their behavior. Calling them names, insulting their families and pretending they aren’t thinking and feeling people isn’t a reflection on the kids or their behavior, it’s a reflection on you. Welcome to free speech.

    Drugs. YES this is a HUGE issue, but it isn’t just a problem with doctors and pharm manufacturers who look at these kids as a pharma payoff – the fact they dose kids who can’t talk is experimentation and unethical, but they get away with it because everyone else buys into the “magic pill” illusion – so if you think it’s a problem, take a look at what you are carrying around – more than 50% of Americans take multiple chronic medications just because the doctor or the TV commercial told you to – stop it everywhere, not just for the kids. Then make it a penalty under the law for every single doc to be able to give disabled kids experimental or unapproved meds. Finish the job that was started with the Child Medication Safety Act and make it unquestionably illegal for school personnel to refer kids for drugs – what the hey, they aren’t docs anyway! Then make the RICO Act apply to Big Pharma and cut off the bribes.

    Diagnosis – If autism was taken out of the hands of psychiatrists – half of who don’t have medical training, and the diagnosis was given to medical teams with an understanding of the physical illnesses kids on the spectrum suffer, two things would happen. Everyone would finally “get it” that this is not a mental disorder, and the diagnosis would shoot through the roof. There are states, schools and diagnostic teams that intentionally misdiagnose, shrinks that aren’t educated on medical problems in autism, pediatricians that don’t have a clue and they all tell parents there’s nothing wrong.

    Then, maybe someone would sit up and take notice about the reality this is having on families.

    Dads not around – the unfortunate truth is, too many aren’t. But they leave AFTER the diagnosis , not before. It’s not the kid’s fault their dads are so hung up on ego and so spineless they don’t want to help their own kids meet a formidable challenge – so someone tell me, how is Savage claiming the kids are morons going to keep dads in the home? How is telling people the kids are faking it going to get a gutless dad to stick by a mom willing to fight for her kid? Moms have enough with the kids, the school, the medical issues, respite care, daycare, jobs, agencies, the special needs. What makes anyone think some guy standing around saying “pay attention to ME” is something constructive? Let’s get with the program, boys – you’re adults. If you want to act like children and can’t even lend a hand to your spouse and kid out of sheer courtesy, your kid is better off without your example. If Savage wants to call someone a putz, make it the dads that can’t cut it. And if the rest of you see a single mom with a kid with problems, you’re looking at a woman who is too good for most men. On the other hand, the dads who are there – through the diarrhea, the sleepless nights, the head banging, the appointments, the therapists and all of it, if we could clone you, we would. Thanks to YOUR parents for teaching you how to be a human being. I’m sure your parents never told you what you needed to do in life with terms like “moron”, “idiot” or “putz”.

    The Money issue – This one had me banging MY head on the floor! – so professionals with advanced degrees voluntarily give up their careers and seek lousy school programs, abusive teachers, non-existent government support and welfare benefits by calling their kids autistic? Someone needs a grip on reality here, and it isn’t the parents struggling with autism.

    Savage is off base. He’s a bully, he wanted to get some sensationalism going to generate attention and it backfired. His Network is even worse, trying to frame the issue as a misunderstanding or a trumped up fight with Media Matters.

    We heard Savage loud and clear, his intent was clear, the Network intent was clear. You want to elevate yourselves at the expense of sick kids and their families? You get what you deserve. What goes around comes around.

    Caveat Emptor, let the buyer beware. A message for consumers – if you like what Savage said, patronize his advertisers. Part of your dollar goes to keep him on the radio. If you DON’T like what Savage said, don’t support his show with your dollars by shopping with his advertisers, because its your dollars that help him stay on the air.

    Welcome to a market economy.

  63. Carol M Says:

    One only has to be a fervent fan of Dr. Savage and a consistent listener to his show to know and understand his ethics and values. He, by no means, meant to denigrate the seriousness of the autism condition in children. He has ALWAYS been a strong defender of the defenseless in that regard. He can be outspoken and being a conservative, he can and does outrage the liberals with his remarks. So be it. The parents of these children obviously do not realize the benefit he has given the cause by this brouhaha. It’s a free country and not all of us will think and speak alike. I admire Dr. Savage and will support his stances.

  64. Jenn Says:

    As a mother of a 9yo autistic boy, I don’t agree with Michael Savage’s comments on autism. I hate it and feel something should be done because he attacked our CHILDREN. If he had left it alone at “it’s over-diagnosed and we’re “drugging” our children” I probably wouldn’t be so angry. But he didn’t; and I wish he could somehow experience a day in the life of a family who has a severely autistic child and see what it’s really like. He is probably correct, autism probably *is* over-diagnosed to a degree, but in a lot of communities, you can’t get your speech-impaired child services unless they have a more “severe” label. And it is a well-known fact, that the earlier and more intensive of services that you can get, the better the chances are that your child can “recover” or at least, get better.

    The sad reality is he has the freedom of speech; just like every American. Unfortunately, he took it way too far and attacked children and parents who are strugging with a disorder that as of yet, as no known cause or cure. Believe me, if I thought telling my son to “cut the act. stop behaving like a fool” would help, I would but it won’t and doesn’t. He’s got global developmental delays and my job as his mother is to get him services NOW so that in the future, he can lead as happy, and productive life as he can.

  65. John Says:

    Michael Savage’s core audience would just stick the kid in a shed behind the house.

  66. SIF3R Says:

    How lucky of me that my daughter was the one percent out of a hundred that cannot communicate as in talk or ever hear her say I love you daddy. I wish your stats were right, that way I can take my child to a behavior specialist and solve it. Savage is a freakin moron my wife and I have never left our child alone not even with relatives. So this thing about parents not being around or leaving them to babysitters is all bull. I dare you to spend a day with my daughter and tell me she is just a brat that way if your still not convinced I can punch you in the nose for everyone who thinks you should apologize.

  67. MDS Says:

    Who’s a moron? You are, Ann. Any other questions?

  68. MrsJ Says:

    MDS –

    you really need to get a grip. Thank goodness there are some intelligent individuals posting (Thank you GrammaKnows, among others). Too many of the pro-Savage people have NOT heard the first broadcast, because they keep reiterating the garbage he said in his 2nd broadcast. he was a very MEEK individual in THAT one.

    Savage wasn’t simply being controversial; he was calling Autistic kids MORONS. BRATS. Someone needs to challenge the numbers of kids diagnosed, you say? Maybe they do. And then challenge the numbers of how many more kids diagnosed with cancers in the past 20 years. Ever consider that maybe the ENVIRONMENT – along with genetic predisposition – or the ADDITIVES in their “fast” foods has something to do with the health of our kids?

    Any other questions, MDS?

  69. T-Bone Says:

    Savage – regardless if he is “right or wrong”, and there are opinions on BOTH sides whether or not he is or isn’t – has the right to say what he wants.

    Take that right away and you will be living in the Soviet Union or in many other non-free societies.

    BTW: Why do the liberals have such a problem withSavage and NOT with radical Islam who would slice their throats if given the opportunity?

  70. Sandi Blaylock Says:

    There is no way to take “99% are brats” out of context. Calling an entire diagnosis a “fraud and racket” is also hard to misunderstand. His statements were not taken out of context. He screwed up by stating incorrect information about a neurodevelopmental disorder.

    Clearly, most people on his side have no idea how difficult and expensive it is to even get the diagnosis. It isn’t handed out freely. The DSM IV clearly states the diagnostic criteria but most doctors will do additional testing to rule out other similar disorders such as Landau-Klefner, Rhett’s Disorder, Epilepsy (hard to detect seizures can cause developmental problems if severe and frequent enough), and metabolic disorders that present similar symptoms as autism. All of these must be discounted before Autism is even mentioned. And as soon as the diagnosis is registered on the medical bill to the insurance, benefits are often denied. It isn’t easy, it isn’t simple, and it damn sure isn’t a case of poor parenting as several genetic studies have shown in the past few years.

    In addition, to come back later after calling an entire disorder a fraud and a racket and blaming parents for their children’s developmental disability is and claim that you are on the side of the child and making a hyperbole to emphasize the big bad drug companies is detestable. It is irresponsible and it shows a complete unwillingness to admit when one is wrong and simply apologize for one’s unexcuseable behavior.

    As for blaming drug companies for the over diagnosis..the drug companies do not diagnose children. There is currently only one FDA approved medication to treat the self injurious behavior, anxiety, and agressiveness associated with Autism. Just one. Not many, not several, but just one. It isn’t easy to get, it isn’t affordable to most, many insurance companies do not cover it because they don’t cover autism and it has a side effect of major weight gain that no parent wants for child unless absolutely necessary.

    Yes, we have free speech in this country. However, conservatives also love to preach about accepting responsibility for one’s behavior and losing one’s job over unacceptable journalistic practives is one of those consequences. What Savage said was Savage indeed and it fueled a flame of intolerance and unacceptance amongst bigots who just can’t stand for anyone to not be perfect.

    Calling a diagnosis a fraud and a racket isn’t going to help the children or the parents. He said what he said because he is a hateful person not because is some champion for children. It is time that he accept the consequences of his own green since hate is what makes him so much money to begin with…he is no different from those big bad drug companies.

  71. Michele Says:

    I can’t beleive how many uninformed people are replying to this site. The reason it is more diagnosed now is because we discover new things every day. We as a nation are becoming more informed and learn more on a daily basis. Before they were labeled learning disabled or the more severe were labeled retarded. Then with research we discovered many were smarter than we knew how to measure before. My son was labeled retarded till he was 16 and his tantrums were getting severe. Then one doctor finally listened to me and asked me if I ever heard of Autism which I had not. I was told he was also Autistic. Now I also am a teachers aide for children in the Autistic Spectrum. I have already worked myself out of one job. The child is doing great in regular classes on his own and I moved on to another more severe student. I still see and baysit my former student and became friends with his family. How dare he and many of the rest of you degrade this condition. How would he like to know inside what is wrong but not be able to let someone know? It would be fustrating at the least. They cant tell you the simplest things like my head hurts or I am hungry. Do all of you also think chidren with CP should quit faking and get out of their wheel chairs? Or DOwns syndrome chilren should quit acting stupid? Come on people, the reason we knw more now is research and we evolve as a smarter people, well most of us do. I would love for you to spend a day in one of our rooms and see the pain of these children and how hard they work to tell you a color with a pecs book or sign it. Grow up and get some compasion.

  72. Dennis Clark Says:

    My 4 year old is taking Resperidol. He is now 65 lbs. The weight gain is signifigant, but he was beating his little 3 year old autistic brother and his 6 year old sister to a pulp. It’s an antiphychotic drug, and has helped our lives in unbelievable fashion. He is much less likely to destroy every single thing in his room, although he still will from time to time. He no longer leaves bruises on his siblings and mother very often, and he is much less likely to throw himself on the floor and kick or scream or beat his head. The pills run about $15 dollars a day for his dosage if you don’t have insurance, that’s $450 dollars a month. He’s a sweet, loving boy that gets so frustrated and angry that he can’t let us know how he feels and what he needs. He is not a “brat”. Also, it took nearly a year to get him diagnosed, and during that year he missed valuable therapy that could have helped him. His little brother was diagnosed much more quickly because we knew the signs and symptoms and understood the process so much better. The outrage of Savage’s comments is that it works to udue what so many of parents to autistic children have worked for. Awareness, letting a family with an autistic child (or 2) go out to dinner without people saying “why don’t you control your child. You’re a bad parent, because you let your child run all over you.” Getting early intervention is so critical, and letting parents know what to look for and how to get help early is so important, but instead “they’re just brats with no fathers in the home.”

    Dennis Clark

  73. LOUIS Says:

    I agree with Savage. The only morons are all the parents under the influence of prozac and other narcotics themselves, BECAUSE they don’t know how to manage a HOME a NORMAL HOME.


  74. Dennis Clark Says:

    Actually, someone here seems to fit he category. The whole point is that when you have Autistic children, you can’t have a “Normal Home”. Fortunately, I know both of my autistic children are far smarter than a specific previous poster. I hate to be so personal, but if some of the posts on this board are a true reflection of Savages’ listeners… It’s know wonder he says the things he says. He’s obviously playing to lowest common denominator.

  75. Jenn Says:

    My son (again, 9yo) has been on Risperdal for over 2years now. Without it, I fear I would of had to institionalize my son as he was throwing tantrums like you would not believe and at 7yrs old, he weighed 65lbs (w/o meds) and was quite strong. Now at 9yrs old he weighs nearly 100lbs and is just a few inches shorter than I am. The meds do NOT control him, or make him like a zombie. They make him able to FUNCTION and be ABLE TO LEARN! He has NEVER EVER been an aggressive child but when after a year of dealing with aggression on our own we knew we needed help. Our child is now able to function, can learn and is able to be taught things that w/o meds, he’d never of been able to do. He reads, he can write (not well, but it’s legible) and he shows a HUGE increase in social awareness that he did not have 2years ago. I will say that my son is also on an ADD drug as his attention and focus were non-exsistent. I can now safely walk in a parking lot with him without fear of him running towards a car backing out or in the roadway. These are REAL, SIGNIFICANT issues and I urge anyone who has never had the opportunity or chance to work with autistic children to see if you can. The issues we deal with on a daily basis are not those of “normal homes or families”.

  76. Jenn Says:

    As the parent of two children on the autism spectrum, I am just as disturbed by the ignorance of some the comments here as I am by Mr. Savage’s remarks.

    To suggest that research should be focused only on the individuals with MILD cases of autism is ridiculous. In my family alone, I have one child who would be considered “mild” and one who is considered to have “classic autism.” Does one of my children deserve treatment more than the other?

    To further suggest that this is some great conspiracy by the drug companies is also without merit. If you look into the treatment options for autism, many families (such as my own) have opted to go without drugs for as long as we are able to or to utilize biomedical interventions such as dietary changes, supplements, etc. There are no “magic bullets” for autism as most of the pharmaceuticals used are not specifically for this disorder but for things like ADD, ADHD, OCD, depression, blood pressure, etc. The medical community continues to struggle with how to treat our children.

    For anyone who might believe our children are simply in need of more “discipline,” I would challenge them to live our lives for one week and not be in full recognition that “the rod” is seldom effective with this population. To think that most families are purposefully living with the frenzy and perptual upheaval that is living with autism simply because they won’t adequately discipline a child is beyond ludicrous. We are instead working desperately to teach our children the basics of daily survival like simple safety, toilet training, eating at the right pace, changing self-injuring behavior, and so much more.

    For those who do not live with autism, please recognize you do not know what it is like to walk in our shoes. We don’t assume to know how it is to live your life, please don’t believe yourselves to be omniscent enough to know what it’s like to live ours.

  77. Tara Says:

    Michael Alan Weiner is his real name. He is not savage. Mr.”Weiner” wink is simply ‘a deceitful and treacherous egotist in constant search of narcissistic photo opportunities. He is typical of an eternal malformed child in a sagging body of a decaying man.’
    But, this time he needs to be punished. He has overstepped his boundary.

  78. Scott Says:

    Mr. Savage is the biggest dumbass in the country to say autism is over diagnosed. I wish he could sit in a room of 100 autistic kids who are not medicated, but rather are in therapy from the time ther are 18 months until the reach adulthood just to give them a chance of being “normal”. He should visit us in Utah and see how therapy is being used instead of drugs. He should see the wonderful teachers that put extra time and effort to ensure that my son has the same chance in school and life as any other child. He should come to my house and spend time with my son, and see if his misguided ideas change. My son has never been medicated and we’d never go down that road. Mr. Savage can crawl back to hell where he came from! It’s nice to hear that some of his long time sponsors are dropping him! He can bend over and kiss is own ass back to hell where he came from!

  79. a mom Says:

    Great article.

    For those who say Savage is right, let me clarify one thing for you. There is NO DRUG FOR AUTISM. So any point he may have about overmedication of kids is IRRELEVANT TO AUTISM. Some autistic kids are on medication for co-existing issues (anxiety, etc.), many are not. For those that are, they don’t need a diagnosis of autism to be prescribed those medications. Therefore there is no incentive for pharmaceutical companies to have more kids diagnosed with autism. If anything, you’d think they’d want less of that and more of something they DO have a drug for, ya think? His claim of being taken out context is false and insulting.

    As for free speech – absolutely he has a right to say whatever he wants. Last time I checked though, the constitution protects ones right to free speech, NOT one’s “right” to a nationally syndicated radio show. That is dependent on market forces. Censorship would be the government shutting him down. Sponsors pulling support is simply the free market at work.

  80. Jenny D. Says:

    Upset Parent: First let me just say that I was disgusted with the words Michael Savage let come out of his mouth. I am a parent of an autistic child who is bright and very intelligent and smart. There is no way in hell I would never let a person like Mike Savage or anyone else make comments about my child or any children with a disability. I am a stronge minded single mother raising two sons (1 autistic). My child is no moron or a brat just because his dead beat daddy is not in the picture. Mike Savage needs to sit down to realize that you reap the consequences that comes along with his comments. It was a challenge at first when my child was first diagnosis with autism 9 years ago. My son never took any medication and he will never ever need it. My children are a blessing from God. I cherish them everyday of their lives by showing them unconditional love and encourage them to finish school and go off to college. My son finished the sixth grade with his GPA 3.89. Mike Savage needs to realize that a single mother or father can raise a autistic child(ren) by his/herself without the other parent. I did it with no complaints about it and I am very proud of myself. Kids are innocent and they do not ask to be born with their disability. Mike Savage is the true MORON and a TRUE IDIOT.

  81. Lisa Says:

    To those who agree with Michael Savage, oh I mean Michael Weiner-yeah that name suits him better, although so does Savage! Do you have a child with Autism? Have a family member diagnosed with Autism? Then don’t jump on the band wagon when you do NOT know what you are talking about! My son was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder which is on the Spectrum of Autism. With speech, OT and a structured class setting he has improved tremendously! Might I add NO MEDICATION was involved! I would not put any of my children on medication unless it is absolutely necessary. That includes medication for allergies or the any other variety of illnesses. There may be some parents who have a child diagnosed with Autism and ADD or ADHD who are at the end of their rope and have tried everything therapy possible but now have no choice but to use medication for their child. Thank you Michael Savage Weiner for enlightening us with all you know about Autism. How would we function as parents without your expertise in this area? Maybe I will pull my son out of all therapies and tell him to just be a man and cut out the act! Thankfully I am intelligent enough that I would not just follow along with what you are saying, unlike some of your followers. Why don’t you people get a mind and think for yourselves instead of listening to what this loser Michael Savage (Weiner) is saying! Hopefully one day children with Autism will be able to speak and use their voices in a more positive way than this over the hill jackass!

  82. Barbara Says:

    I have read the majority of these comments and simply cannot believe the ignorance of some. My son has been diagnosed with both ADHD (severe) and Asperger’s Syndrome (on the Autistic Spectrum). Yes, in this country we do have the right to free speech. Yes, this means that people who have opinions not based in fact have the right to express them. This also means that organizations have the right to protest and boycott.

    Do some parents and doctors overmedicate? Yes. Then again, some adults do also. We resisted medicating my son for a very long time and even now have him on a very low dose of a stimulant for his ADHD – and he is still creative and has maintained his personality. The other medication he takes to help him with his anxiety (so he is able to somewhat function in public) also helps him slow down and make SOME decisions. However, there is NO medication for Autism or Asperger’s. NONE. Children are only medicated for their symptoms, not their diagnosis. That’s what the treatment method for Autism/Asperger’s is – treat the symptoms.

    My husband and I are both in the home, my son’s grandparents are also heavily involved in raising him. He does not go to daycare – he spends his day with either family or friends. He has a strong disciplinarian for a father and a strong disciplinarian for a grandfather. His grandmother and I both expect him to behave, also and hold him accountable when he doesn’t. We do not “bribe” him or “let him off the hook”. However, when my son has his meltdowns, I sometimes want to! His meltdowns are severe – hitting (I mean closed fist to the jaw or ribs), yelling, threatening, screaming, crying, etc. These can last anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 hours – no matter what we do.

    Yes, his IQ is superior, but mine and my husband’s are not too shabby (I’m one point away from getting into MENSA). Everything is black and white for my son, there are no shades of gray. Imagine how frustrating living in the world is for him. We go to therapy to try to help him, sometimes it helps, and sometimes he reverts right back.

    I do believe Autism and Asperger’s are real. Shock Jocks have the right to say what they want for ratings. Mr. Savage can talk about Autism or disabled people putting “feces in diner food” or “touching the hand of a midget and getting freaked out” all he wants for ratings. That does not mean he is qualified to make any diagnosis or to dismiss any. That also does not mean that I have to allow him to make me feel bad about my parenting skills or about my son. I know, and all other parents with children like mine know, that all of the ignorant people out there are not capable of dealing with even 1/10 of what we deal with on a daily basis. I am fortunate to have my son. He has taught me so much, even on the days I am frustrated the most, I look at him and remember that though something may not be perfect, it is still worth striving for.

    That’s my two cents. Take it or leave it. Just remember, it’s my right to say it!

  83. cassandra Says:

    i think that this gentlemen is entitled to his opinion, however, he must not know all the facts about autism, there is more to autism than acting out, or being a moron. it has social development issues, you can’t say that all autistic children are on drugs either, my child is not, and yes he is autistic. did i want him to be? absolutely not. am i angry about this man’s remarks? no, just sad, because the hill just started looking steeper. it disgusts me that people that work with special needs kids agree with this guy- hey get yourself a new job. there are people out there that really have autistic kids, that are great parents. i have raised 3 kids, my autistic is my fourth. so i really can’t find anything that i did differently with him then the 3 others who are not autistic. i can’t even believe i am replying to this. it is ridiculous. and hey everyone is entitled to their opinion-just like the person who called michael savage a moron!!

  84. Captain Obvious Says:

    Are you people serious? You agree that 99% of autism is fake? And which medical school did you graduate from? I cannot believe people would actually think that or agree with it. What the hell?

  85. Raj Says:

    He is a m-o-r-o-n. He can’t even have a debate with someone who disagrees with him. What has he done in his life anyway to accuse others of their actions? I would like people to know that PHD is not equal to real life intelligence.

  86. Eve Brien Says:

    OMG! He talks out of his arse! Autistic children are not morons. My son has aspergers and he is intelligent. And the people who agree with this fat oaf should be shot. The doctors and phychologists are dead on about the diagnosis and the people here say it’s fake! Those people sicken me.

    And having someone saying ‘Grow up and stop being a moron!.’ I hate to think how he raises his kids. I care for my son and other children who have the same.

    …And the people agreeing with him are the real morons.
    (Editor’s note: Edited for language)

  87. Chris mankey Says:

    “Public schools are nothing more than daycares. Autism and neither is ADHD always the source.”

    What does adhd have to do with autism? Not related. I bet your too stupid to understand the difference!

  88. Tina Says:

    Autism is real, and so is ADHD. However the two are very different dissabilities. If you want to see what Autism is go to the nearest school that has a “Severely Handicapped class”. There you will see the truth. I work in an SH Class, and I have a son with ADHD. He is 12 years old now. Ask his non-believing teachers if it isn’t true. They saw first hand the difference between medication and non-medication.

  89. crowley Says:

    This man an people like him are clueless. He should be in the group of people like state judges, caseworkers, law officials, money oriented foster parents, and others who pretend to care about the autistic but use them as pawns to collect money, power, prestige, and to destroy families interested in the well being of the austistic childrens. They’re pissed because someone is finally speaking up for these children’ rights. Maybe, they’re pissed because noone has taken the time to speak up for their shortcomings. They should admit that they, like the rest of us, are not perfect. We all need help—even the rulers of the world need help.

    Yeah, his circle of thinkers sticks to its guns on the issue of autism, not caring that someone made sacrifices to care for them. We don’t get to where we are or where we’re headed on our on. We get help from others, even if we step on them to raise ourselves up. Let’s not forget that we reap what we sow, good or bad, no matter who we are-even someone not yet born will probably suffer for the actions of someone living today.


  90. ColleenDenver Says:

    Mr. Savage has taken a beating for his comments about autism, but I just watched a video on You Tube posted by a mother of a severely autistic boy who kinda backs up what Savage says in a few of her points…the videos(there are two) are titled “autism spectrum seems out of control” and “autism epidemic out of control?”

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