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BABY BORROWERS: Who’s still together, who’s apart?

By Ann Tatko-Peterson
Wednesday, July 30th, 2008 at 10:10 pm in Baby Borrowers.

As finales go, “Baby Borrowers” looked like a snoozefest. Sure, it had a few zany one-liners and heaping teaspoonfuls of sentimental moments, but on the entertainment front, it lacked punch. Until the Where Are They Now snippets rolled.

In a word: stunning. Rock solid, relatively mature Jordan and Sasha — split. Vastly improved Alicea and Cory — separated. Sweet Kelsey and Sean — kaput. Which of the teen “parents” are still kind of together? The two least-likely-to-last couples.

Clearly, TV reveals only so much. How else to explain Morgan taking Daton back? He was beyond rude in the previous episode, tossing out hateful words that don’t deserve to be forgiven. But even more telling, he quit, not just on the experiment but on Morgan, too. She was no peach, but she still deserved better than him. Now, they’re just friends, which also is more than Daton deserves.

Kelly and Austin were a little less surprising. They were Mr. and Mrs. Dysfunctional. And her hysterics — at times borderline manic — seemed like a relationship kill-joy. But he had a habit for turning the other cheek and buckling under her temper tantrums. I wouldn’t have stood for someone so off-the-chart crazy, but hey, I guess it works for him — though they too are more “just friends” in their still seeing each other phase.

The elderly episode wasn’t a complete waste of time. Hedy was hilarious and perfectly paired with Morgan. I loved her line, “I’ve had three husbands and that was enough.” But the line of the night belonged to Kelly, who along with Austin took Gene to the gym for a morning workout. “Gene is totally Grandpa on steroids.” Priceless. And George was so sweet, who wouldn’t want him for their grandpa. It was especially sad to hear that he lost his wife, Regina. There’s a couple who truly understood the value of marriage.

The experiment ended with all of the teens realizing they don’t want to be parents anytime soon. And fortunately for those of us who became “Baby Borrowers” addicts, we will get an encore of sorts next week. NBC will end a town hall meeting format in an episode called “Lessons Learned” on Aug. 6 at 9 p.m. Today co-host Hoda Kotb will lead the discussion.

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  1. katie Says:

    now i watched it on we. and it said cory and alicea are together. morgan and daton together. kelly and austin together. kelsey and shaun split. sasha and jordan split.

  2. Ann Tatko-Peterson Says:

    Just double checked the episode and recaps — all five couples are “officially” split. Notation says Kelly and Austin are still seeing each other but just as friends, and that Morgan and Daton tried to get back together but also are now just friends. If something has changed since the episode aired — and couples have now reunited — we’ll likely find out on the Aug. 6 town hall meeting show.

  3. Melissa Says:

    I saw the final show on NBC that said they were all broke up but then the very next night on We it did say three of the couples were still together! lol Which is it???

  4. rebecca Says:

    i thought kelly and austin wuld stay along with jordon and sasha

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