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By Jackie Burrell
Friday, August 1st, 2008 at 10:38 pm in Books, Twilight Saga.

Twilight party at Borders
Borders in Pleasant Hill is buzzing with a mostly young, mostly female crowd of devoted Stephenie Meyer fans, including a trio of fabulously attired Las Lomas sophomores. Cassandra Redstone (that’s her, above, on the left) is such a devoted fan, she’s read the books ten times and has a shrine to “Twilight” in her bedroom. Those are her friends Juliet Lasky and Nicole French with her. Note the awesome wings Nicole is wearing. Yes, wings.

They’re just part of the crowd here tonight lining up for tarot readings, makeovers (they’re big on werewolf slash marks here) and the “Love is a Paranormal Thing” debate about to begin. More on that later…

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