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ELMO DVD Giveaway

By Jackie Burrell
Monday, August 4th, 2008 at 7:06 am in Contest, TV.

Elmo's Summer Vacation There are just a few short weeks left of summer, so we figured we’d celebrate it with Elmo. The furry red monster from Sesame Street has a new DVD out called “Summer Vacation” and we’re givin’ it away. And all you have to do is click “comments” and tell us about your favorite, obscure Sesame Street character. Oh sure, anyone can be a Grover lover or Ernie devotee, but who here remembers Teeny Little Super Guy? OK, your turn! We’ll draw a winner’s name this weekend.

(This contest is now closed. Congrats, Mary!)

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2 Responses to “ELMO DVD Giveaway”

  1. Mary Jenkins Says:

    I always loved that blue-eagle looking muppet. what was his name? i used to know it!! and i do remember teeny little super guy..ah memories..

  2. bunny Says:

    I love Oscar because I just think he was misunderstood! :)

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