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42 RULES for Working Moms

By Jackie Burrell
Saturday, August 9th, 2008 at 10:40 am in Books, Parenting Issues.

LAURA LOWELL (Anda Chu/The Argus) We are loving Laura Lowell’s “42 Rules for Working Moms.” There may be zillions of how-to books out there on being pregnant and raising tots, but it’s a vast wasteland when it comes to the logistics of juggling work and family. So Lowell assembled the best advice from 42 working moms into this eminently readable little book, and offered it up in bite-sized chunks because really, the last thing a working parent — or any exhausted parent for that matter — has is leisure to read. Read the interview with Laura in today’s Times. Check out the book here. Then let’s dish on those rules and add a few more.

Rule #2: Your daughter can brush her own hair. — Robin Wolaner, founder of Parenting Magazine.

Rule #12: Stay ahead of your schedule. — Alice de Sturler, lawyer

Rule #15: Love your appliances. Learn to use the “auto,” “self,” “delay” and countdown buttons on your dishwasher, coffee maker, washing machine and oven. — Sandrine Chaumette, works part-time for two mom-owned businesses.

Rule #35: Don’t buy the wipe warmer. What makes me crazy are those “must-haves” from retailers that prey on our compromised pregnancy brains, then never make it out of the box: the digital thermometer (doesn’t work on newborns); the infant high tops (good luck getting those on); the pacifier sterilizer (Hahahahah!). And, the most absurdly frivolous of them all: The wipes warmer. — Liz Gumbinner, Cool Mom Picks co-editor

OK, your turn. Click “comments” and share your tips on the juggling act.

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3 Responses to “42 RULES for Working Moms”

  1. Sue Says:

    I could never have survived without DH. He’s been the full-time SAHP for over 16 years.

    I have never understood how any family with two working parents does it all. But I completely admire and respect my coworkers who have children *and* a spouse who also works! I’m in awe, really.

  2. Kari Hulac Says:

    I love no. 2. How about amending it even more: if your daughter doesn’t want to brush her her, then the world will not come to an end.

    (from a mother whose daughter could care LESS what her hair looks like yet still wants it as long as Hannah Montanas!!!)

  3. HYIP Says:

    These are the the exact things that help me get through the day when the 3 kids and the full time and part time jobs start to wear this girl thin. A well timed inspiring story or encouraging phrase – makes the world sing along with the tune I am so diligently composing in the scenarios of everyday life!!

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