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PARENT POLL: Grand Theft Auto or Raging Kegger?

By Jackie Burrell
Monday, August 11th, 2008 at 3:00 pm in Kids & Tweens, Parenting Issues, Technology & Video Games.

Video game controller We are just reeling over something our buddy Danny at Gamester discovered this morning. According to a survey by the family-centric game site What They Play, parents are more concerned about their older teens playing “Grand Theft Auto,” than about their exposure to booze, violence or porn. Ahem. Supposedly, the poll results “demonstrate that parents are as apprehensive about their children’s media diets as they are about traditional social issues such as alcohol, drugs, violence and sex.” Um, no. No, it doesn’t. It demonstrates that parents are nuts. Read Danny’s hilarious take, then click “comments” and tell us: What would you worry about most at a 17-year-old’s slumber party? Kids watching porn, smoking dope, drinking beer or playing Grand Theft Auto?

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