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Memo to Olympic people re: lip synching child

By khulac
Tuesday, August 12th, 2008 at 7:09 pm in Just Bizarre.

I’ve been stewing all afternoon about this story. (Chinese Olympic officials say girl not cute enough to sing at ceremony). What the HECK???

It’s so obviously such a horrible negative message to send out to children that it seems sort of silly to even point it out, but apparently some powers that be thought that it would be a good idea. They even defended it!

HELLO!!! Gee, don’t little girls (and boys, too) already have a hard enough time fighting a hellofa uphill battle when it comes to developing a positive self image in our “Dr. 90210″ plastic-surgery swilling world?

The official comment defending the decision, saying it was the most “fair” solution to combine the “perfect” voice with the “perfect” look was chilling in the worst science-fiction story way. WE ARE ROBOT NATION. WE MUST BE PERFECT IN EVERY WAY. God forbid a beautiful voice not have a beautiful face to match.

What a sad pall to cast over an event that’s supposed to be about real people who train and work and sweat and bleed, etc., to make it to the top of the athletic world. What’s next? We superimpose better looking faces on the athletes who win the gold because the winners don’t fit our aesthetics? (Although, we must say, those male swimmers are easy on the eyes, thankfully).

Apparently a child with a wonderful voice isn’t enough when it comes to the image that must be projected to the world. Hmm, yeah, as if the world doesn’t already know that some kids are cuter than others. Duh!

OK, I know that when we grow up that looks do count and that’s just a reality of us as being biologically programmed human beings and all, but let’s give kids just a few years to not care. To be real. To sing for the world in all their awkward-kid glory. Now that would be an Olympic moment.

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