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NEVER SPOKEN Parenting Advice

By Jackie Burrell
Wednesday, August 13th, 2008 at 1:23 pm in Advice.

Late for school (Hector Casanova ill., Kansas City Star, MCT) If you’re like us, you’ve always wondered what preschool teachers and pediatricians would really like to tell you – you know, the harsh, unspoken stuff. Well, the geniuses over at, the Family Circle, American Baby and Parenting mag website, went ahead and asked… and the results are startling. Some we agreed with. Others we found appalling. Take a look and see what you think:

PRESCHOOL TEACHER: If the parent doesn’t obey the teacher’s rules – turns in forms late, for example, or calls instead of e-mailing – chances are the child will be just as disobedient. It “creates an immediate bias against your child,” the anonymous teacher said, “and most teachers feel the same way.”

How do you make the teacher regard you as a “preferred family”? Ask for a classroom wish list, the teacher said: “When you spend maybe $20 on these items, it goes through the grapevine that you are here not just for your kid but for the entire class.” (Um, are we the only folks taken aback?)

Then, the pediatrician said…

THE PEDIATRICIAN’S TAKE: American kids are among the healthiest on the planet, but their parents live in a state of constant fear. “Have confidence,” the doctor said, “that you can handle most of the little throat itches, earaches, goopy eyes, and low fevers your child has. You don’t need me; you just need a little chicken soup and love.” And puh-leeze, he adds, don’t schedule your drastic emergency visit around your child’s baseball game. If your kid is well enough to make it to baseball, he’s not sick enough to see a doc.

There’s more, including never-spoken advice from a day care director, parenting expert, dentist and babysitter.

What do you think? Are the experts out of line? Or would you add to their list?

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