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DISNEY Underwear Fiasco

By Jackie Burrell
Monday, August 18th, 2008 at 11:45 am in Just Bizarre.

Controversial underwearThe words “Disney” and “underwear fiasco” don’t often appear in the same sentence. But it seems the mouse king was selling 3-packs of “High School Musical” themed panties for young girls, when a British grandmother complained about the motto emblazoned on the undies. The words “Dive In” were printed just below the belly button region. Disney quickly yanked the underpants off store shelves and said:

“The knickers in question were designed using our High School Musical 2 artwork, which uses the creative theme of a swimming pool, as this is a key part of the film’s storyline. Unfortunately a genuine oversight was made and the text on this product was used outside the context of the swimming pool. This product will not be part of any forthcoming collections.”

That’s probably the first time we’ve seen the term “knickers” in a corporate press release. But we wonder, what brainiac thought the words “Dive In” would be appropriate wording for an 8-year-old girl’s underwear?? Victoria’s Secret, sure. But Disney? What do you think? Punch a button or click “comments” and weigh in.

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  1. Ari Soglin Says:

    With the HSM underwear being pulled from store shelves, I can’t help wondering whether they’ll become valuable collectors items due to scarcity. Keep your eyes on eBay!

  2. Angel Says:

    Haha, this is funny as hell. But I can see parent’s being upset, as many teen wh*res out there today they were probably worried about there little angel becoming one HAHA.

    Good job Disney, many parents hate that show already cause they blame it for their little one’s growing up to fast, now to put “Dive In” right above the crotch of 8yr old underwear, that’s a classic.

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