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By Jackie Burrell
Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008 at 10:56 am in Other.

Sarah Palin (Doral Chenoweth/Columbus Dispatch/MCT) The news that John McCain had picked Sarah Palin, Alaska’s conservative governor and a mother of five, including a 5-month-old with special needs, as his presidential running mate sent waves through the public consciousness. Palin made it plain in her acceptance speech that she expects the 18 million women who supported Hillary Clinton to transfer their allegiance to her, despite their vastly differing politics. And just as we were wrapping our minds around all these new developments, Palin announced this weekend that her unmarried, 17-year-old daughter, Bristol, is five months pregnant.

As the New York Times said in a story this morning on “Mommy Wars: Special Campaign Edition,” American women are feeling pretty conflicted. You too? Click “comments” and share your thoughts. Juggling motherhood and working life is difficult enough. What about juggling the Vice Presidency of the United States with a five-month-old and four other children, including a teen who’s due to deliver her own baby just before Inauguration Day? Is that teen pregnancy an issue? Should it be? What do you think of all this?

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  1. bradc Says:

    Could this be a sign that the Republican / Conservative sex education program (abstinence) is not realistic in this day and age?
    Maybe, just maybe, this will have a silver lining and the conservatives will open their eyes to the ineffectiveness of their ‘family values’ platform. Though our current Veep has a gay daughter and gays still don’t have the same civil rights as straights.

  2. Kari Says:

    Thanks for raising this issue Jackie. It has been bothering me quite a bit. My politics aside (I wouldn’t support Palin due to her stance on abortion), it’s just a crazy choice for McCain. The fact that he supposedly knew about her daughter’s pregnancy before choosing her as a running mate baffles me. Did he WANT a huge distraction from all the issues we really SHOULD be talking about? Is he trying to send a message that he’s sympathetic to families who end up with a pregnant teen? Is he trying to appeal to people opposed to abortion? To working moms?

    Regardless of how our candidates’ personal lives “shouldn’t” really be on the table, they are. An elected official in such a position of power influences the people, however unintentionally or however unfair that is.

    It seriously disturbs me to think that we could have someone a heartbeat away who, would squander a powerful opportunity to use her family’s personal experience to have an impact on issues like teen birth control and sex education. It’s scary to think that sexually active teens could look to her for an example: “well my family will help take care of the baby.” While family support is awesome and should be the case, simply having that out there, without also having a very frank discussion of ways to avoid such a situation in the first place, is irresponsible.

  3. Annie B Says:

    “American women are feeling pretty conflicted. You too?”
    Uh…NO! And neither is any woman I know. We support candidates, in either party, based on their positions. Yes it’s cool to see women earn their way to the top but I’m not going to vote on someone based on the presence or absence of ovaries.

    Who are these idiot women the press keeps digging up? My belief is that most of them are ‘ringers’ planted by the Republican campaign. (My Republican father thinks this too so it’s not a partisan thing.) The rest are just neurotic publicity junkies.

  4. Abby Says:

    Sarah Palin a maverick? A politician who can make a difference? This country can’t afford her political stance. Her daughter’s pregnancy is proof that teaching abstinence doesn’t work. Any shot she had at advocating for this approach in sex education went out the window when her daughter got pregnant outside of marriage.

    Also, while Obama is right that the campaign shouldn’t be about a candidate’s family, especially the children, Sarah Palin set her child in front of this firing squad. Her child’s pregnancy is a direct hit at her political beliefs.

  5. Judy Says:

    What a ridiculous choice by McCain! Just because she’s a woman I’m suppose to vote for them! What makes me laugh is that some politicians think women are so shallow. Her qualifications do not impress me in the least. Now, with the announcement of her daughter’s pregnancy, I am more inclined not to vote Republican! If Sarah can’t keep her affairs in order at home, how are we supposed to entrust her with the country? She has way too much on her plate: a newborn with special needs, a pregnant teenager, and a flock of other children that need their mommy. I have two of my own children and a full time job and find myself falling short on commitments. Good luck to her with or without the vice presidency!

  6. Richard Dudum Says:

    Putting aside the question about her qualifications for VP, one broader issue is her failure and refusal to communicate and eduate our teens about sensitive subjects while insisting blindly on abstinence.

    Our teenage daughters need to learn HOW to make good choices and informed decisions. That’s why I wrote “What Your Mother Never Told You – A Survival Guide For Teenage Girls.”

    Our daughters will make some of their most important decisions in life when their parents are not present. We should teach them how to anticipate and avoid people, places, and situations that can put them in harms way and/or can alter their futures.

    Start talking to your teens before it’s too late.

  7. Rachelle Says:

    As an Alaskan (trapped in CA), I was intrigued by the pick, but I also agree that Palin is just not prepared, and has agendas that are contrary to life in this day and age.

    Being the governor of the State of Alaska (which is TINY…the whole state I has less than the population of LA) is not a preparation for VP. While I agree she is an “up and comer”, she just isn’t a great choice.

    Assuming that because she is a woman that she will grab the Clinton votes….is plain silly.

  8. DaleW Says:

    How do you snotty libs know that Palins daughter didn’t use the very birth control that has encouraged more teens to be sexually active? No birth control is 100% effective. Your condescension is appalling.

  9. bradc Says:

    birth control does NOT promote sexual activity. If you have evidence to support your assertion please present it. Promoting abstinence results in un-planned pregnancies. Teens have sex– just ask Bristol Palin– that’s a fact. Should we not arm our children with the information and tools to avoid a situation like Bristol’s and younger sister Spears?

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