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By Jackie Burrell
Friday, September 5th, 2008 at 12:06 pm in politics.

Political slippers (Olivier Douliery/MCT)
Election fever is running high, spurred on by the two national conventions, Barack Obama‘s electrifying speech and the stunning news that John McCain had chosen Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, a self-described hockey mom and mother of five, as his running mate. We have a story in this morning’s paper on the conflicted emotions many women are experiencing about Palin’s nomination. Click “comments” to add your voice to that debate.

But the other campaign development we’re intrigued and delighted by is how engaged kids and teens are by this historic presidential election. And we’ve come across a couple of very cool web sites that will help promote that further, including Scholastic’s online parents’ guide to the presidential election. We’re also enamored with Brain Pop’s colorful, new election site. And we loved Bay Area Parent magazine editor Peggy Spear’s take on kid-style political choice on ABC-7’s “View from the Bay”. More? Don’t forget that we’re giving away a pair of wonderful political picture books for kids this week.

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