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COLLEGE Admins Scan Applicants’ Facebook Pages

By Jackie Burrell
Friday, September 19th, 2008 at 11:00 am in College Apps & Angst, Technology & Video Games.

This should be chilling news for any teen. According to Kaplan, the test prep folks, one in ten college admissions officers check out their applicants’ Facebook and MySpace pages as part of their applicant vetting process. And some 38 percent found information that reflected poorly on the applicant. It wasn’t necessarily because they’d posted pictures from the teen kegger, either. In one case, an applicant bragged about having aced his application, even though he didn’t want to go to that school. So the school didn’t put him in that situation – they rejected him first.

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  1. bradc Says:

    And the colleges should use info found on public access spaces like Facebook. The more information an admissions officer has the better their decisions. On the other hand, applicants can use their Facebook page as a place to differentiate themselves from every other 4.3 gpa, 2100 SAT and Captain of the Lacrosse team. It can be two way street.

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