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By Jackie Burrell
Friday, September 26th, 2008 at 11:05 am in Toy Recalls.

Recalled ride-on toyLead-painted toy recall? Check. Flaming helicopter toys? Check. Scooters that tear open your Achilles tendons? Wait a sec. The Consumer Product Safety Commission just recalled 103,000 Razor Power Wing Three-Wheeled Scooters with sharp undersides, after receiving 10 reports of Achilles tendon or ankle lacerations. How serious? Four children had to have tendon surgery and three required stitches to close their wounds. Razor and the CPSC also recalled 30,000 Razor Dirt Quads (pictured), after receiving 60 reports of the throttles of these junior ATV-type toys malfunctioning – the ride-on toys surged forward unexpectedly, knocking riders to the ground. In two cases, children were injured. Follow the links for return information.

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One Response to “TENDON-SHREDDING Scooter Recall”

  1. John Walter Says:

    It is very sad to know kids got injured . But i hope the new products coming out will be more safe for the kids

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