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FAMILY TRAVEL: Penguins in Patagonia

By Jackie Burrell
Sunday, October 5th, 2008 at 5:59 am in Family Travel.

Joyce Lee and Patagonian friend
This Fremont, CA, couple is expecting their first baby in December, so this jaunt to the other end of the planet offered one last chance to get away as a twosome – but you can’t tell us the search for penguins in Patagonia wouldn’t appeal to any family. Here’s the scoop…
THE TRAVELERS: Shawn Tzeng and Joyce Lee, Fremont

THE TREK: “We explored Buenos Aires by ourselves for 2 nights before taking a 13 night cruise from Buenos Aires to Valparaiso, Chile. Our last big trip before we ‘settle down’ — and we’re expecting a baby boy this Christmas!”

BEST BEDS: The Hilton Buenos Aires in the heart of Puerto Madero, a rejuvenated trendy district just a stone’s throw away from La Casa Rosada — the pink Presidential Palace made famous by ‘Evita.’

MEMORABLE MEALS: Our favorite hands down is Cabana Las Lilas in Puerto Madero. The steaks here are simply amazing! They just melt in your mouth. The steaks are so great because the restaurant actually owns their own ranch. Stop by Freddo, an ice cream parlor, for dessert afterwards. The ice cream is so good that we ate there once a day during our trip.

PERFECT PENGUINS: Punta Tombo is about two hours outside Puerto Madryn, and is one of the largest Magellan penguin colonies in the Patagonia. The penguins were so cute, Joyce and Shawn said, especially when a group of penguins patiently waited for us to pass them on the walking path before they proceeded to waddle to the beach. The penguins will also copy your head movements. Lean your head to the right, and the penguin will do the same.

ONE MORE THING: Argentina runs on small bills and coins so break your 100 pesos bills (about US $30) as soon as possible. You will need small bills to take taxis, pay for crafts at fairs, and for ice cream.
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