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MORE Teen Abandonments in Nebraska

By Jackie Burrell
Wednesday, October 8th, 2008 at 1:45 pm in Other.

You remember the story about Nebraska’s “safe haven” law, which allows families to abandon their children and teens – not just babies – without repercussion? Now it’s spreading. Yesterday, an Iowa woman crossed state borders to abandon her 14-year-old daughter at a Nebraska hospital. Lawmakers are now scrambling to come up with some solutions, including possible mandatory counseling for parents and child support payments. Take a look at today’s CNN report, then click “comments” and share your thoughts:

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No Responses to “MORE Teen Abandonments in Nebraska”

  1. Janet Walker Says:

    The aunt should be commended for trying to get help. I thought she was brave in stating her reasons and hope for her nephew. Considering the money this country is spending on bailing out financial titans I think we should be able to address some concerns affecting parents who find themselves overwhelmed by childcare, either because they cannot cope or they have emergencies. I do NOT think the system is being abused. I just hope that Nebraska, where by the way, Warren Buffet lives and could afford to help out, has a plan in place to address this situation that will be positive and stop blaming the parents/relatives. I think it is SHOCKING that once again, we have a double standard for the average individual, and another for the wealthy. Note that it was never suggested as a first option that homeowners be assisted with mortgage defaults, it was the billionaire bankers who got OUR tax money. The metaphor is appropriate in this case as well. Can you find your checkbook, Mr. Buffet?

  2. Susan Says:

    If a parent is willing to abandon his or her child, imagine how much worse he or she could do to that kid. Frankly, these children are better off.

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