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ANTIOCH TEACHERS give superintendent thumbs down

By Ann Tatko-Peterson
Thursday, October 9th, 2008 at 2:17 pm in Schools.

schoolIt seems Mt. Diablo’s Gary McHenry isn’t the only supe feeling heat. On Wednesday, Antioch teachers overwhelming gave their district superintendent, Deborah Sims, a vote of no-confidence. (Read Rowena Coetsee’s article here.) Teachers have alleged that Sims withheld money for raises, barred them from decisions affecting them and violated their contracts. Although only symbolic, such votes do little to bolster the authority of superintendents. Teachers should rank among their greatest advocates, and when they don’t, regaining their trust should be a priority. Just ask McHenry, who has seen an erosion of trust from faculty, parents and even school board members and endured his own vote of no-confidence earlier this year. While McHenry shot back at his critics, Sims has been mum so far.

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