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BRINKLEY’S EX: Does this guy never learn?

By Ann Tatko-Peterson
Thursday, October 9th, 2008 at 2:54 pm in TV.

20060714brinkleyChristie Brinkley’s ex-husband plans to “explain” why he had an affair on Friday’s “20/20.” A snippet of the interview has Peter Cook saying he is giving the interview because, “I’m not the scumbag pervert I’ve been painted to be.” Trying to paint himself as a good dad backfired the moment he agreed to defend his dirty laundry on national television. I wasn’t a big fan of Brinkley’s decision to publicly reveal that Cook cheated with an 18-year-old, tried to pay off the teen with $300,000 and had an Internet porn problem. Frankly, the kids suffered most from that revelation. And Cook was quick to criticize Brinkley for blabbing.

So, here we are a few months later, and Cook decides to wake a sleeping dog by going on “20/20.” How exactly do his kids benefit from this course of action? Brinkley fired back by requesting a restraining order, wanting to shield the kids from the press onslaught that will follow the broadcast. A judge ruled that the kids will remain with Cook for the weekend. We can only hope that Cook doesn’t let the children watch his televised confessions, but clearly he hasn’t passed Common Sense 101. Maybe he can negate his image as a pervert, but this interview does nothing to remove the image of his being a scumbag.

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