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TODDLER Tantrum Time

By Jackie Burrell
Friday, October 10th, 2008 at 8:04 am in Babies & Tots.

Temper tantrum (Hector Casanova illustration/Kansas City Star)We’re still hooting over the Today show’s overwrought segment on toddler rages that includes a list of warning signs that your child might be having a temper tantrum. The list – which includes flushed cheeks, pounding heart, louder voice, rapid breathing and clenched hands – somehow omits “throws self on floor and pounds feet” and “screams loudly enough to summon shoppers from the other end of the mall.” Puh-leeze, is there anyone on the planet who doesn’t know a tantrum when they see one?

Better: the show’s list of suggestions on what to do after you’ve finally figured out that your toddler is indeed having a meltdown. The list includes anticipating a tantrum’s triggers – fatigue, for example, and hunger – and heading it off at the pass, keeping your cool, using a firm voice, distracting the child, and removing the child from the public eye. What tantrum-calming tricks have you used successfully?

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  1. bradc Says:

    Slow news day or something?
    I realize the Today Show isn’t exactly hard hitting news but this seemed a little shallow even for them.

    Tantrum calming tricks?
    —bribery (“Who wants ice cream?”)
    —leave the store and sit in the car until it passes
    —my favorite: fake an injury to myself — I’ll pretend to suffer a head injury and if it’s convincing my daughter will stop her crying and check on me.

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