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SCHOOL NEWS: Teacher honors, Mt. D budget cuts & more

By Jackie Burrell
Friday, October 17th, 2008 at 9:32 am in Schools.

School (illus. by Heather Witherspoon, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, MCT Direct)In the headlines this week: Congrats are in order for San Lorenzo science teacher Jim Clark and Livermore science teacher Frankie Tate who were named Alameda County Teachers of the Year earlier this week. They’ll be competing at the state level next month. District teachers of the year from other Alameda County schools are listed here.

Hot dogs are on the firing lines this week as a vegetarian group takes aim at unhealthy school lunches. And election season’s heating up in several districts, including Dublin, where a $96 parcel tax is on the ballot.

And the Mt. Diablo school district must cut another $5 million from its budget in what has become an unhappy annual tradition. Board members say if the district wants to give teachers raises and health benefits – which they do not currently have – they’ll have to cut even more. Mt. Diablo teachers have been working without a contract for more than a year.
Here’s an interesting tidbit. After months without a fiscal services director, the district finally appointed Bryan Richards, business manager of the John Swett school district. For those of you keeping track of such things, the John Swett district has four schools, compared with Mt. D’s 55; a school population of 1,800 compared with Mt. D’s nearly 36,000; and expenditures of nearly $17 million compared with Mt. D’s $354 million, according to federal figures. Prior to that, Richards’ name pops up as one of West Contra Costa’s fiscal services directors – one of six who oversee that district’s $338 million budget, along with a staff of accountants, payroll managers, etc. Mt. D has one.

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