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SCHOOL Bullies ID’d by Name

By Jackie Burrell
Tuesday, October 21st, 2008 at 1:47 pm in Schools.

Bullies (Illustration by Gaylen Floy/MCT) Score one for the good guys in Ely, Nevada, where school officials have taken the battle against bullies to an ingenious level. The principal at White Pine Middle School had students take a campus safety survey that asked not only which parts of campus feel less safe, but which kids are causing problems. After the same five or six names popped up on numerous surveys, school officials called those children in and gave them an ultimatum – get off the bully list in the next 30 days or face the consequences.

We’re eager to hear what happens next … and we’re wondering why no one has thought to do this at local schools. Your thoughts?

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  1. Sue Says:

    If the adults really didn’t know who the problem kids were, I like it.

    But, as a long-ago victim of bullies – and my teachers and principal *knew* who they were – I want to know, what are the threatened consequences?

    There never were any meaningful consequences for my tormentors, and this is a waste of everyone’s time if these bullies don’t face any real consequences either.

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