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ON the 10th Day Before Halloween…

By Jackie Burrell
Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008 at 12:43 pm in Crafts, Halloween.

Candy Bucket Trick-or-treating is big fun, but for those of us on door duty – or kids who prefer something a bit more interesting than a pillowcase treat bag – Martha Stewart has some fun candy bucket options and other Halloween crafts on her web site. Among them, this tin paint bucket, decoupaged with candy wrappers. We used Mod Podge, a matte medium/gluey substance to slather goo all over the metal bucket, smoothed on wrappers and coated the outside with more podge. The gluing was fast and easy. It was the candy unwrapping that took forever! Martha must have assigned an assistant to unwrap all her old-fashioned candy and trim the wrappers to perfection. If you’re doing this project with a young child, you may want to prep the wrappers ahead of time.

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