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FOURTH Day of Halloween…

By Jackie Burrell
Tuesday, October 28th, 2008 at 12:51 pm in Crafts, Halloween.

Halloween bingoNeed a quick craft or game for that classroom Boo Party? Halloween bingo fills the bill. Make them yourself for a game station, or have the kids construct their own. Here’s how:

Heavy paper
Markers – candy corn or plastic spiders
Halloween rubber stamps, clip art or stickers with 25 different images (if you’re making six cards, you’ll need seven identical sets of images).

1. Open a new Word document on your computer. Hit the “insert a table” button near the top, and make one that’s five columns across and six rows down.

Adjust the sizing (click the table, then grab the little box in the lower right corner and drag it) until you’ve got a grid of appropriately sized bingo squares. Then use the top row to type in the word bingo – we used 48 pt. Blackmoor font, one letter per square.

2. Print the results on white or orange cardstock and cut out a bingo board for each child. Or, print it on regular copy paper and use double stick tape to attach it to a heavier weight, decorative backing. For our little cards, we used some great orange polka dot paper left over from another craft project. Print out one extra copy on cardstock.

3. Now, fill in the squares with your 25 images, so each card has a (mostly) different layout. We used rubber stamps and black ink, and added a few flourishes with colored pencils, but stickers work too.

4. Fill in the squares on your spare board too, then cut those squares out for the bingo caller, so he or she can holler “Spider!” or “Creepy Graveyard!”

Tip: If you anticipate using the cards for more than one party, run them through a laminator at Kinko’s or Lakeshore Curriculum in Walnut Creek, or cover them with clear contact paper for durability.

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